2 thoughts on “How can the placement of the gift area enhance the attention, so confused, ask for answer”

  1. Increase the number of gifts placed, and the next gift is matched with empty boxes in the next part. Ignore, it is best to put it in a place where you can see it at a glance. If you place it by the wall, you must clear the things around the gift area, leave the blank position, and put it on the "gift area" or "prize area" "The text prompt signs are not allowed to let customers take them as the office items you usually stack;
    according to the type, size, and weight of the gift, properly put out some shapes. ), The lack of space is vertical (Christmas tree). Pay attention to safety when swinging, avoid being easily knocked down. If necessary, pull a warning belt or leave a prompt "Be careful"; It becomes a bunch, and naturally introduces the content of the activity (for example, to do a display rack) so that customers can know how to get prizes, and at the same time stimulate some products in the store to sell. Explanation, guidance, and help of consulting customers.
    Although things are small, it takes some thoughts to do it well. Specific issues need to be treated and resolved for specific problems. The above are for reference only.

  2. Personal feelings .1. Don't look at it carefully, I really didn't find it. 2. The gifts were so small .3. The overall storefront display display is not coordinated. . Put all the gifts at the entrance or door. When the number is not enough, it can be used for the use of the product empty box display. Be sure to pile up. Put in the middle of the store. It does not affect the channel as a premise. You can see the word gifts when passing by.

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