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  1. Myanmar amber did not cause much sensation in the Chinese market at first, because it is very different from traditional amber beeswax. It is the simplest example. Amber, Fushun, Fushun, Dominica and other places are very different. The medicine and health effects cannot be compared with traditional varieties. At the beginning, the appraisal agency did not even issue a certificate to Myanmar amber. It is amber, and Myanmar's minerals are not as rare as legendary on the Internet. The so -called apricot and cherry red are not so unattainable. In Beijing, Yunnan or Fushun merchants can be seen in Beijing. one gram. There are a few reasons for the sudden popularity of Amber in Myanmar. The concept of Northeast ore Pole brought a hot mine. I believe that everyone has the fiery momentum of appreciating ore in a series of TV shows in the previous media. Another is that the appraisal agency has relaxed the definition of amber and turns on a green light for Burmese amber appraisal. While people think that the mine is very scarce and expensive, Myanmar's amber and emperor replaced the temporarily sealed Fushun Amber, and they made their debut. But does Fushun seal ore represent a small amount of Amber ore in Myanmar? There is a long time in the history of Fushun Pop in the history of sales, about one -third of the price of Haipper! It is only three or four years of hype. Myanmar amber's minerals are far more than Fushun. At the beginning, everyone has such a high price when entering everyone. What is the bubble? At this point, many Myanmar merchants still spread that Myanmar amber has been continuously bought by countless sellers. Of course, Myanmar amber is recognized by standards, which has potential, but blindly high -rise is not conducive to the long -term development of the industry. Under the mediation of market laws, the high value of Burmese amber entered a healthy value and price balance period is actually not far away.

  2. China's amber resources are short of time, waiting for the long -awaited Burmese merchants to make power and lead the sluggish jewelry market for a long time.
    The scarcity of resources leads to a blowout in Myanmar amber. It turned out that the businessmen who operated Fushun Mine in the north found that the rice that could be "put on the pot" was also transferred to Ruili, Tengchong, locals, Hunan, Jiangxi, novice veteran multi -way resources into the amber industry, and amber condensed up. A new force, everyone has a high emotions, and the Ruili Amber Association is also preparing.
    The market has grown rapidly, demand is surging, and further promotes the situation. According to Teacher Li from the Yuanshi Jewelry Appraiser Training School, by the second half of 2013, the blood pool of blood pool is 150 yuan per gram per gram per gram of tea, Jinbo 70 yuan per gram ... the price is more than 100%higher than the first half of the year, no one is no one, no one is no one, no one Ask the small ingredients, some people use their brains to grind beads and make carvings. The supply and price of the Spring Festival in 2014 have stabilized for a month, but the good times did not last long. In April, the Myanmar Central Army and the Kachin Independence Army fought fiercely. Myanmar cannot be mining, the price has risen, and the straight line rises, becoming the 2014 version of "Crazy Stone". Among them, the rare wormpot, plant body, and landscapes have increased greater. Such a situation stagnated in August. In the past two years, Myanmar prices have risen too fast, and the price of ordinary materials has exceeded Mexican amber, Russian amber, northern merchants in Beijing and other places have accumulated many Myanmar amber raw materials in the early days. Crazy.
    (There are still markets, mainly depending on how you marketing!)

  3. The color of Burmese amber is red, generally brown -red, and there is no bright yellow tone of the Baltic amber. The most expensive people in Myanmar's amber are clear cherry red. This kind of cherry red amber is very scarce. It is similar to blood but more red. It is a treasure in amber. In addition to Fang Lingshi is a major feature in Myanmar amber, the characteristic is that it will become more red after it is oxidized in the air. Myanmar amber is mainly dark oranges or dark red. Some amber pieces contain plant fragments. Due to the existence of Fangli Stone, Myanmar Booper has made the tissue and hardness of the amber, which increases, and some of the original darker amber turned into the color of creamy yellow and brown yellow. Myanmar amber is about 60 million to 120 million years.
    It pure natural amber as a fossil, no matter where the origin, can be worn as an excellent jewelry.
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