4 thoughts on “A golden shop in Guizhou was smashed and stolen, and the store lost over 2 million. How can the gold shop avoid such incidents?”

  1. I think today to avoid this kind of thing, we must first strengthen the protection measures of the store, and the alarm system must be directly connected to the 110 alarm telephone to strengthen the protection measures in all aspects and strengthen security.

  2. Golden shops should strengthen the security system and train relevant staff. Usually turn off the doors and windows when get off work, and also enhance the construction of the roof of the wall of the inside of the store, so that the thief has no chance.

  3. Golden shops should not only install electronic monitoring probes in the store, but also install it within the range of tens of meters outside the store; pay attention to strengthening the glass at the counter to avoid being broken by hammer. At the same time Cases can call the police in time. Before the criminals are implemented, most of them will step on many times in advance. They generally make some simple camouflage, such as wearing hats, sunglasses, and constantly inquiring in the store. When suspicious people are found, the owner must be vigilant and be careful not to put all the valuable gold ornaments. In addition, Golden Stores should strengthen the “neighbor’s watch” with surrounding shops. In case of robbery, neighbors can help call the police.

  4. A golden shop in Guizhou was investigated, and the owner of this shop lost more than 2 million yuan. The suspect entered the store from the ceiling. From the surveillance video, there were two large holes appearing on the top of the gold shop, and the entrance of the hole was under the cave entrance.立着一架人字梯,店内很多的首饰被盗了,今天被盗之后,老板很快就报警了,这家店损失超过200万余元,基本上都是黄金首饰被盗,因为这条The street belongs to the downtown area, and there have never been similar to stolen events before.
    After the police received the alarm, the police quickly established the task force to detect the case. Because the clerk in the store was cut off by the criminal suspect, the monitoring video inside did not get any valuable clues. However, the French Open is restored and sparse without leakage. The police will not let go of any criminal, nor will they be wronged. The man will be arrested by the police quickly because in the face of a large number of evidence, the suspect’s suspect’s person’s The psychological line was broken, and the criminal facts of the stolen gold shop were truthfully explained, and the location of hiding the stolen goods had been explained. Then the police quickly found gold jewelry wrapped in plastic bags near the man’s home. At present The case of this case is still under further review. Fortunately, the owner of the Golden Store did not lose, because the police quickly found the suspect.
    I think through this matter, the owner of the Golden Store should pay more attention to safety. And you can install alarms. If a stranger breaks into the alarm, he will send a report immediately. After all, the consequences of the gold shop will be very serious, less than hundreds of thousands, as many as millions of rich men. I believe that the owner of the Golden Store will definitely learn lessons. It is best to send more people to patrol the store day and night, because the consequences of theft are very serious.

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