4 thoughts on “How much is the Hangzhou Diamond Ring Recycling 10,000 Diamond Ring”

  1. At present, there are many channels that can be recycled, and you can compare the prices of several. If a diamond ring of 10,000 yuan is purchased by a brand store, the recovery price is expected to be around 1-2000. If it is customized, the recovery price is about 5-6000.
    The influencing factors of the recovery price of diamond ring:
    ⑴ Diamond recycling price, which mainly depends on the 4C parameters of the diamond (carat weight, color, clarity, cutting) and whether fluorescence, etc., instead of considering the brand, etc. factor. If it is the GIA certificate, the diamond recovery price is higher.
    : The recycling price of the pretty tray depends on what material it is. At present, the mainstream trace material is: platinum and 18K gold. The recovery price is mainly affected by gold prices. By the weight of the material recycling price, the recycling price of the pretty holding of the trustees is taken.

  2. Hello,
    It probably don't know yet,
    The recycling price of this diamond ring is not simply determined by weight.
    The recycling price of the diamond ring is mainly determined by the 4C standard of the diamond.
    The so -called 4C standard is the weight of diamonds,
    The color of the diamond, the clarity of diamonds, and the cutting of diamonds.
    and there are many brands in diamonds.
    will also affect the price of diamond rings more or less to a certain extent.
    . As far as I know, the price of a casual carat drill is about more than 100,000,
    even said that there are still millions of millions.

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