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  1. First, the man's family must prepare for the woman before marriage

    1, Cai Li
    saying that marriage is married, what we have to mention is Cai Li, this is our traditional custom. In our market, the couples who talked about marriage were dismantled by high -priced gifts. According to economic conditions, the newcomers can almost go through the field, less than tens of thousands, as many as hundreds of thousands.
    2, gold wares, diamond ring
    It marriage hardware, marriage three gold is also an essential preparation. Before marriage, the man must prepare gold and silver jewelry. Whether you choose a golden device or a diamond ring, you must accompany the woman to choose. Although the process will be tired, the heart is sweet.
    3, the new house
    It, there are generally new houses for marriage. In most cases, the houses for the marriage of both men and women are prepared by the man. The wedding room is mainly for the economy. It is also undertaken by the man, and the subsequent mortgage is jointly borne by the husband and wife. As for how much money is buying, there are different standards for each place. Different cities and different areas are different. In short, the house costs the most.
    4, new house layout
    The money to buy a house is part of it, and the decoration money is also part of it. The configuration of the furniture and appliances (if the woman has the conditions, you can marry more).
    . The dowry prepared by the woman
    The must -see for the woman's dowry: The heir home jewelry many families have the heir home of the house, such as the bracelets, and many families are passed on to her daughter to her daughter The daughter is passed on to her daughter. If there is no heir home jewelry, you can go to some shopping malls to buy the jewelry that wants to give to the daughter most. It can be a bracelet or a pendant as a new wedding dowry.
    Ipdotomy Essentials for dowry 2: When the wedding bed supplies are married, the maid family must prepare more than two sets of bedding. In the future, the newcomer will not have to buy bedding for a long time in the future, so that the newcomers can remember the good of their parents.
    Ip women's dowry must -have for dowry three: home appliances newcomers must buy new houses when they get married. Parents who buy home appliances when new houses can be sent as daughters. Generally, they include washing machines, refrigerators and televisions. This is most families. The home appliances that will be selected, if the kit is good, you can also send air conditioners, TV and so on.

  2. What do you need to prepare for a marriage man:
    1. Fa Xixi to relatives and friends
    2, telephone notification of foreign relatives and friends
    3, issue marriage notice online
    4, timely feedback from relatives and friends invited information
    5. For important relatives and friends to confirm again
    Wedding banquet
    1. Estimated number of guests
    2, estimated number of banquets
    3, select wedding banquet location
    4, confirm the banquet menu, price
    5. Confirm the audio effect of the wedding banquet scene
    6, coordinate the arrangement of wedding banquets with the hotel
    Wedding purchase
    1, determine the wedding etiquette company and the wedding host n2, meet with the emcee to meet with the emcee Wedding program
    3, field survey on site with the wedding company personnel
    4, selected wedding music
    5, adjustment program planning book
    6, wedding makeup appointment (with dresses)
    7 , Determine the place of makeup and arrival time
    8, communicate with the hairstyle and makeup artist again
    9, confirm the shape of the wedding day
    10, the wedding vehicle appointment (for the guests)
    reference materials : Before marriage, the man prepare a list

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the gift from the woman to the man's family engagement belt, engagement, the man wants to give the woman a gift, the woman buys a gift, and the woman will give the man after the engagement. Cai Li is a prerequisite for engagement. Of course, there are not many kinds of gifts. Gifts and hiring, colorful gifts and engagement periods. The engagement gift is the engagement money and the engagement money. In fact, engagement should be depending on the other party's family and family relatives. In fact, there is no need to bring gifts, because before the engagement, relatives and friends will be invited to be a guest when they get married, but they must be given to relatives, friends or relatives and friends. After all, after all, we are not going, we are not here, that is, what gifts, of course, depending on your local customs, this is not good, so that your marriage habit.nGifts for newlyweds to take relatives and relativesn1. The bride grooms take it by themselves, which is a big red envelope. The bride's marriage to the door is an important day of festiveness. A part of the money is 10,000, not only a red envelope.n2. The bride usually takes relatives and relatives. Generally, they will take some gifts. At this time, relatives will draw, and they will also give red envelopes.nDear, I hope my answer can be helpful to youn3 morenBleak

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer to this thing depends on your local customs. A region and a region are different. Wine mats, drinks, fruits, sugar, melon seeds, writing invitations, fixed wedding cars, and fixed wedding cars. The wedding car must be single, two times, the wedding car can not choose Nissan, Santana and the like with mulberry characters, the wedding car does not leave Looking back, the route is selected, and you have to choose a happy word and couplet. As for the men and women to give each other's parents, it depends on local customs, such as our Baotou side, that is, when they are engaged, the man gives the woman: four -color gift (smoke, wine, sugar, tea), gift money, jewelry (three gold) to get married At the time, the man should bring a new quilt, four -color ceremony, bouquet, chocolate (used to send bridesmaids), pork with ribs, and when he was engaged to get married when he was engaged to get married Box money (at the man's house, the man's parents doubled the money pressing money, for example, the woman put 1,000, and the man's family gave the woman 2000). The baggage cannot be a single number. All the things they should be brought must be double numbers. When walking, the parents of the woman remove the pork bones brought by the man, take the bones away, and find two empty bottle on the grains. Onion, pour the water, use a red rope to tie it, and let the man take it away. On the day of the door, the man wanted to buy two boxes of snacks to bring back to the woman's house and get a newly bought wedding clothes for the woman. Because the wedding dress should be repaid after the banquet, you need to change clothes. Knowing whether it is the same as your side, for reference only, I don’t know if I can ask the elders at homenHope to help you

  5. Before the traditional marriage, the man must prepare a wedding room for the woman, where the young couple live. The second is to buy three gold as a gift for the woman.

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