What kind of people are not suitable for scraping? Where can't you scrape?

When scraping, the pressure should be tiny, the speed should be moderate, and the stimulation time of each plate is longer, which can encourage the body's normal Qi and restore the low function.

Three kinds of fever color, corresponding to different diseases

The fever is a bright color: if the red is not extremely deep, it indicates the performance of wind chill in the body, which is also the most normal color.

The fever is purplish red, dark red: this situation shows that the body has humid heat.

The fever is purple black: indicates that the body stasis is more serious. The severity of the measles is not entirely related to the disease, and it will slowly break up, so there is no need to worry too often.

What kind of people are not suitable for scraping? Where can't you scrape? gua sha supplier says we need to understand, too.

1, the two sides of the neck can not scrape the clinical findings of traditional Chinese medicine, neck scraping has a certain risk, especially the two sides of the neck must not be easy to scrape! This is because the central distribution of the sternocleidomastoid muscle has carotid sinus, carotid sinus belongs to the baroreceptor, if given stimulation, will cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, making people's eyes black and dizzy. If it continues to stimulate, it may lead to more serious consequences, especially for people who are not in excellent health. When scraping, avoid the area on both sides of the neck, thus is the massage.

2, taboo people can not scrape heart and cerebrovascular disease patients, the elderly and frail, skin allergies, leukemia, allergic pura, thrombocytopenia, cancer, dermatitis, or skin wounds, scars, as well as pregnant women, women in the menstrual period, are not suitable for scraping, of course, even normal people, can not scrape every day. Be sure to let the body have a recovery period, until the traces of the last scraping disappear.

1. Hold the scraper in your hand, and the direction of the scraper is 45° or smaller with the angle of the skin. The flatter it is, the more pleasant it will be to scrape.

2, many people think that scraping must be scraping out the scraping. The better, Mr. Yang pointed out that this is not correct. When people have a cold, fever and fatigue, scraping is easy to get out of the scrapping, and normal people are not easy to get out of the scrapping, but the skin flushing.

3, scraping can not be scraped back and forth, but from top to bottom, from inside to outside, should be single direction scraping, as long as possible scraping distance. This is to scrape along the direction of the blood circulation of the artery, in order to promote blood circulation.

4. It is appropriate to scrape 3 to 5 parts each time, and scrape each part for 3 to 5 minutes, with the longest not exceeding half an hour.

5, different forces will also produce different effects, light stimulus is "fill", strong stimulus is "diarrhea", the general people do not understand their physique is real is virtual, do not make up the diarrhea, keep the average force, this is called "flat fill flat diarrhea". Wait three to five days after the first shave before the second shave.

6, after scraping to choose a warm tong sweating diet, and should not be affected by the wind, it is not recommended to take a bath within an hour.

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