4 thoughts on “mickey jewelry wholesale About to Yiwu into the plush doll”

  1. knock off wholesale jewelry The first question is relatively wide and not very good. I understand that the plush toys you want are the kind of qq expression and some cute puppets in the first phase of the B-C-D three districts in the first phase of Yiwu International Trade City. Velvet toys, Youhe monkeys and mushrooms are some of the others! I have done it last year so I know! As for the price, it does not wait from 3 yuan to 10 yuan. Specifically, it depends on the material technology and the size of the other. There are basically a lot of train to Yiwu. During the National Day, it is recommended that you buy tickets in advance. You can search the train timetable at Baidu
    In the train. You can take a bus 801 to the train station directly. You can go to the train station to see the hotel service industry in Yiwu. There are hotels and hotel prices ranging from more than 100-300 yuan in Futian Community, Futian Community near the city. of! In addition, plush toys are mainly produced in two places in Yangzhou, Shandong, Shandong, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, Jiangsu, and more famous plush toys.

  2. jewelry supplies wholesale channel wire Those who buy plush toys are B/C districts in the first floor of Yiwu International Trade City, with more points on the first floor, but there will be some gadgets on the third floor and on the third floor, such as some small pendants. Anyway, you can go to Yiwu anyway, you can stroll around anyway, you will not let you down ~
    The market is a lot near the market. There is a hotel opposite the area connection, which looks like 90 nights.
    Ifasons to buy early on train tickets should be bought. After arriving at the railway station, you go directly to the station card. There are several cars starting at the beginning of 8 to go directly to the market. You have to go down at the first phase of the International Trade City (that is, the first station in the International Trade City Because the market is relatively large, there are many sites around the market, and it is often easy to make mistakes), that is, you want to buy plush toys.

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