Of course, low voltage light belt should be preferred

How to choose an LED light belt? Today china led strip rgb cct manufacturer to answer for you!

LED lamp belt according to voltage to distinguish high voltage lamp belt and low voltage lamp belt.

High voltage LED lamp with voltage: 220v, that is, the usual household voltage. Also called AC light belt.

Low voltage LED lamp belt voltage: 12V and 24V, in addition to 3V, 36V and other low voltage designs, also called DC lamp belt.

They all look the same from the outside.

The high voltage LED lamp belt uses the voltage of 220v, which belongs to the dangerous voltage. It is suitable for a place where the human body cannot reach, such as the ceiling. The elevated voltage lamp belt is relatively simple in installation compared to the low voltage lamp belt, which can be directly driven by the high voltage driver and connected to the household power supply. The high voltage LED lamp belt normally has a power supply of 30-50 meters. In the process of use, due to the elevated voltage, the heat per unit length is considerably more than the low voltage LED lamp belt, which directly affects the life of the elevated voltage lamp belt. ​Broadly speaking, the service life of the high voltage lamp belt is about 10000 hours.

Low voltage LED lamp belt, under the work of DC voltage, belongs to the safe voltage, and human body contact is harmless, can be used in a variety of occasions.

Such as home decoration, outdoor building lighting, shopping mall atmosphere lighting design, landscape lighting design, parks, roads, bridges and other lighting design can be preferred low-voltage LED lamp belts.

Low-voltage LED lamp belt, because the use of DC power supply, the length of the lamp belt is typically 5 meters, 10 meters, beyond the length will have a certain pressure drop, the current use of ic constant current design, the longest connection length of low-voltage LED lamp belt can reach 15-30 meters.

Low voltage LED lamp belt because of its excellent heat dissipation performance, light decay is tiny, the service life can be up to 30,000-50000 hours.

High voltage LED lamp belt and low voltage LED lamp belt each have advantages and disadvantages. In practical applications, you can choose and buy the lamp belt according to the actual use occasion.

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