3 thoughts on “Where does the restaurant in Zhengzhou have a birthday discount?”

  1. Each Kim Hans is a unified price of 36 yuan
    This will have a discount of 28 yuan on the day of the birthday.

    The on the third floor of Shanghai

    The near the back door of the Agricultural Road Zoo

    The environment of that house is good! The latest store should be this one on the university.

    Except for Kimhamus, Baili 1 1 (Carrefour) in Beihuan, about 40 pieces
    to go north to 200 meters of Korean pine carbon barbecue self -service 37 This is my go. Excessive

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hellon1. IKEA: On the month of birthday, eat free birthday cake with coupons 2. KFC: Half price of the whole family barrel 3. Haidilao: Go to the consumption on the birthday day, get the birthday fruit plate, longevity noodles and other small gifts. 4. Pizza Hut: You can enjoy a 20 % discount on the delivery of 100 yuan and 20 % off at the birthday of the month. Dessert: One dessert on the birthday of the month is free 7. Nine Mao Nine: On the birthday day, a special price of longevity noodles 9 yuan 8. 108 yuan minus 25 yuan coupon 9. Xibei Noodle Village: 50 yuan minus 50 yuan, VIP member birthday 60 yuan coupon 10.dq ice and snow queen: VIP birthday moon cake ice cream 20 % off 11. Hagensa: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream: ice cream Half -price coupon, free coffee 12. Starbucks: Yinxing can receive a cup of beverage coupon 13. Xu Liushan: You can get Duo Mang Xiaonuzi 14. Happy Tea: Birthday Waiting for Birthday 15. Birthday: Birthday: Birthday: Birthday: Free that day 16. Disney: You can apply for a birthday badge in advance in the official public account and get it at the service center after you go. 17. Guangzhou Tower: Half -price for a tourist ticket on the birthday with ID card and a skyscraper amusement package 18. Chimelong Happy World: On the birthday, buy 50 % off tickets on the spot , Consumption and enjoy double points 19. Beijing Happy Valley: On the birthday, I was free of votes with my ID card. Birthday gift vouchers and free birthday gifts, Golden Card members are even more 22. Yue Shi Feng Yin: 10 % off members, 85 % off VIP members, VVIP members 20 % off 23. Shiseido: There are also three levels of members. Experience one copy double points; one copy of the official price product double points; star product one-copy double points 24. Beastpatula: members will receive text messages one day before their lifetime, and they can get text messages to the store to receive it to the store to receive it. Birthday bouquets with different values. 25.ur: In the month of birthday, you can get a consumption of no less than 50 yuan in the month 26. Most skin care brands can double points, such as YSL, Qiaolan, Biotherm, the Mystery of Sea Blue, LAME .....

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