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  1. This data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

    The driving route: The whole journey is about 55.3 kilometers
    Rosen (Hanyang Road store ...
    1. Starting from the starting point to the northeast Turn right into Jiulong Road
    2. Drive 260 meters along Kowloon Road, turn right in front into Changzhi Road
    3. Traveling along Changzhi Road 120 meters, go straight into the Bund Tunnel
    4. Traveling 2.5 kilometers along the Bund Tunnel 2.5 kilometers After passing the Bund financial center on the right about 320 meters, go straight into Zhongshan South Road
    5. Traveling 1.4 kilometers along Zhongshan South Road, facing the Nanpu Bridge/Pudong, go straight to the ramp
    6. Traveling 420 meters along the ramp, After the Nanpu Building on the right is about 610 meters, turn left in front into the inner ring elevated road
    7. Traveling 7.6 kilometers along the inner ring elevated road, facing the inner ring road/Yangpu Bridge/Luoshan Elevated Road/outer ring high -speed direction, slightly towards a slightly direction Turn right into the inner ring elevated road
    8. Drive 980 meters along the inner ring elevated road, go straight into Luoshan Road
    9. Traveling 5.8 kilometers along Luoshan Road, facing Pudong Airport/Xinzhuang Lijiao/S20, turn to the right to enter to the right to enter to enter to the right. Lushan Road Lixing Bridge
    10. Traveling 1.1 kilometers along the Lishan Road Ringhoshan Road in the outer ring, about 140 meters after crossing the Outer Ring Luoshan Road. Donghai Bridge/China Navigation Museum/S2 direction, turn to the right to the east East Second Avenue over
    12. Drive 630 meters along the overpass bridge of the East East Avenue, and go straight into Shanghai Lu High Speed ​​
    13. 24.3 kilometers, exit the new Siping Highway, turn to the ramp slightly to the right
    14. Traveling 850 meters along the ramp, turn right into the Xin Siping Highway
    15. Traveling 2.8 kilometers along the Xin Siping Highway, cross the East Henghe Bridge , Turn left into Kanbei Road
    16. Drive 470 meters along Kanbei Road, turn right
    17. Traveling 120 meters, reaching the end point (on the left side of the road)
    Ending point: Jiayuan Huijinghua Court

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