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    Gold and platinum jewelry sold in Hong Kong in Hong Kong will be made of accurate gold or platinum, such as 18K or 24K, etc. If you indicate 9999, the weight of 99.99%of the accessories is gold. When buying gold jewelry, please determine the golden, weight, and gold price of the gold list on the document. In addition to ensuring yourself, it is also an effective proof of the time when you go to the gold shop to request the repurchase. Hong Kong's major golden shopsnZhou Dafu -the oldest Golden Store Chow Tai Fook should be regarded as the oldest in Hong Kong Golden Store, and its status in the hearts of Hong Kong people is quite stable. Zhou Dafu has a big difference in goods in Hong Kong and the Mainland. In terms of gold, there seems to be more styles in the Mainland, but there are some traditional gold jewelry in the Mainland in Hong Kong, especially suitable for couples who want to get married, such as dragon and phoenix bracelets. This is mainly because Hong Kong people are actually very traditional. When they get married, they must wear dragon and phoenix bracelets, and they are more good. This custom originated from Guangdong, so many Cantonese people also go to Hong Kong to buy golden dragon and phoenix bracelets.nZhou Shengsheng -Traditional Golden Bank in internationalization mentioned Zhou Shengsheng, and Hong Kong people are definitely unknown and no one knows. Chow Tai Fook, known for its traditional reliability, is more fashionable and international. Whether it is product design or business, Zhou Shengsheng is experiencing the process of transforming from local traditional gold banks to international commercial groups. In terms of popularity, Zhou Shengsheng's name seems to be as loud as Zhou Dafu, but it seems more popular among young people, especially after it cooperates with Disney. Because the Disney series is only available in Hong Kong and Macau, Zhou Shengsheng suddenly became the target of young tourists. If you are a fan of Disney dolls, then you must not miss this stop of Zhou Shengsheng when you go to Hong Kong! Xie Ruilin -everyone in the gold jewelry Xie Ruilin is an old brand in Hong Kong. At that time, Boss Xie's lawsuit dispute once allowed Xie Ruilinjin to walk downhill, but with the prestige among old customers, Xie Ruilin still maintains a three -legged situation with Chow Tai Fook and Zhou Shengsheng. In terms of design, Xie Ruilin followed a more traditional route, especially gold jewelry, which also coincides with the taste of Cantonese.

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