4 thoughts on “How to choose a wedding ring material? Why is platinum the first choice for wedding rings?”

  1. Wedding rings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian era. At that time, people were woven to a ring with branches and vines to symbolize wedding rings. Later, this custom was passed to Rome. Men in ancient Rome used iron rings as wedding rings, and then they began to use gold or inlay some low -grade gems. Nowadays, the material selection of wedding rings is more extensive. In addition to traditional gold, I also have K gold, platinum, golden and alternative titanium, but in the market in China, K gold and platinum are the most. Two commonly used materials. Personally, I think it is better to choose K gold.
    The three materials commonly used in wedding rings:
    Gold: The most traditional material, many people buy a wedding ring to consider a value preservation. In this case, most of them will choose gold to make wedding rings. But under normal circumstances, high purity gold, such as 24K gold, is not suitable for making wedding rings. Because 24K gold is very soft, it is easy to wear and break, and the gem is inlaid than easy to fall off, so it is generally a 4K-18K gold to make a diamond ring ring.

    Platinum: Platinum is a natural silver -white metal. It is pure, rare, eternal, not easy to deform, fashion, and easy to match clothing. It is a very popular material in recent years. People often use "love than Jin Jian" to imply the firmness of love, and the hardness of platinum is very high, just to meet people's spiritual demands. However, although there are many platinum advantages, it is indeed suitable for making wedding rings, but its price is also the most expensive.

    k gold: As we mentioned earlier, in fact, K gold is a alloy with gold and other metals. By adding different metals, K gold can other colors, such as 18K gold, 18K, 18K Platinum, 18K red gold (rose gold), its price is the cheapest. But K gold's wedding ring is easy to fade after wearing it for a long time. This is because the surface of the ring surface is plated on the upper layer of 铑, so that K gold can appear the same color as platinum, but as long as we re -plated, the K gold jewelry can return to the past. It looks like.

  2. Platinum has a better nature of "natural pure white, never retreat", so we often say that platinum represents the sincere feelings between lover and will never fade, but the preferred material you mentioned is the advertisement. You listen to more. In fact, the material of valuable jewelry is 18K.
    In the first to say why it is not platinum. Platinum is also beautiful, but the hardness is relatively low. It will scrape it for a few days. The overall color is dark. To put it plainly, it is old. Essence Essence 18K contains 75%of gold, and 25%of other precious metal components. The main role of 25%is to improve its hardness. Flowers, with a long time, are quantitative, and also add glory to him. 18K is a little bit good. After wearing it for a long time, the color of the 75%gold itself will be leaked, but this problem is also solved. Just renovate the place to buy back!
    If still unclear, you can pay attention to the public account of "Shangshui Jewelry", ask the customer service, she will return when she is free ~

  3. In fact, platinum is the safest choice. After all, it is the first choice of wedding ring. Platinum is known as "love metal", which is considered the best symbol of love in eternal love, and injects expectations and blessings for beautiful marriage. Many newcomers also choose platinum to choose platinum to witness their pure and eternal love because of the purity and eternal characteristics of platinum. In fact, nearly 70 % of the brides in China have chosen platinum wedding rings, and use actual actions to prove that platinum is the first choice of wedding rings.

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