1 thought on “What kind of diamond ring can it be preserved?”

  1. So why do wedding rings be a diamond ring? Diamonds are long -lasting, a forever spread. People are familiar with this slogan. Those unique, classic, eternal words are related to love. Diamonds have become the first choice for fascination between couples with the characteristics of never fading. In fact, this advertisement is also exhausted with the value and meaning of diamonds. Diamonds are long -lasting, which means that diamonds will always exist in the future world, and will not fade the original Guanghua because of time and space changes. A permanent circulation means that the value of diamonds is precious. In addition to being a jewelry, it has the value of value -added and collection. In addition to rare and beautiful, the 12 -carat powder drill at the fingertips of Carina Lau has great collection value. In other words, diamonds and real estate have become tangible assets. So when you decide to spend a lifetime with a child, please wear a diamond ring for her, even if it is satisfied with the vanity of a woman.nToday, there are two main groups of diamond ring consumption, one is a consumer group that is mainly married; the other is an investment group that is rising. The crowds entering diamond investment have increased by 60%to 70%year -on -year. When Nanchang buys a diamond ring, which type of type is more value -preserved? Experts said that diamond investment is a high -end investment, not an investment product suitable for ordinary people. Diamond investment not only starts high, but also pays attention to many details. Essence However, if it is a investment collection, you should choose diamonds with higher grade 1 carat. Diamonds above 1 carat have a good value -preserving function, and their colors and cuts must be equal. For example, the color is above VG, and the purity is above VS.nHowever, due to the expensive price of diamonds, the weight of the diamond rings that people usually wear or usually wear are within 1 carat. Diamonds above 1 carat are also called big diamonds in the diamond market, which are mostly used for investment and collection. In recent years, high -quality big carat diamonds have been shot in the auction market. Its quality does not depend on the place of origin, but to evaluate the quality of the quality according to the 4C standard. 4C refers to color, cutting, carat, and clarity to determine the quality of diamonds.nWhen buying a diamond ring, which type of type is more value -preserved? Now you have some understanding. Some merchants judge the value of diamonds through "South Africa Diamonds" and "Belgian Diamond", which is obviously a misleading. Therefore, don't look at the place of delivery when choosing a diamond, but look at the certificate.

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