What are small gifts with Chinese characteristics?

I want to send it to a foreign country, it is best to be lighter, even the Chinese Festival.

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  1. Small gifts, of course, are not large, and they are good, such as embroidered sachets, embroidered pendants, embroidery ornaments, embroidery is Chinese cultural heritage, special things, and some small gifts Essence

  2. 1. Chinese National Peking Opera Facebook
    Peking opera Facebook is a special makeup method with national characteristics. Because each historical figure or a certain type of character has a general spectrum, just like singing and playing music, so it is called "face score". Regarding the source of Facebook, the general saying comes from fake masks. Peking opera Facebook art is a very favorite art of opera enthusiasts. It is popular at home and abroad. It has been recognized as a logo of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation.
    2, the collection of silk gifts for the collection of weaving
    The weaving brocade paintings are also called coloring weaving. It is a silk fabric with patterns and paintings made of calligraphy and painting. Modern weaving brocade paintings, generally painting cores use all natural mulberry silk raw materials, and computer digital simulation technology is carefully prepared. After the finished product, traditional crafts are mounted. Because it is a real silk fabric, the picture is lustrous, full of three -dimensional sense, high quality grade, moderate price, it has the characteristics of difficulty fading, easy to collect, etc. It is regarded as gifts for gifts.
    3, Chinese calligraphy and painting culture and art
    P calligraphy and calligraphy have been unique to China since ancient times. Now Chinese people have rarely draw landscape paintings, and few people can write good brush characters. Therefore, it is a very good choice to hang a famous painting in the study or living room.
    4, Chinese wind embroidery scarf
    This scarves embroidered with Chinese element patterns are very cultural. The scarf is embroidered with patterns representing the auspicious meaning of China, which can bring good luck. Putting the Chinese wind embroidery scarf on his body vividly shows the elegant temperament.

  3. You can take a look at the scroll painting or decoration of the hand -embroidered embroidery embroidery, which can be collected and inherited, and it is also one of the intangible cultural heritage in China. r n

  4. Fuzhou Sanbao
    Then I recommend the corner comb and paper umbrella of Fuzhou Sambo
    Fuzhou angle comb is a combing of the horn. It is dirty without sticking to itching without pain. It is a unique handicraft in Fuzhou, which is loved by tourists.
    The more customers from other places are a lot of messenger with Fujibao's horns.
    The Fuzhou paper umbrella production process has more than 80 processes. Traditional craftsmanship includes the five arts of umbrella bones, umbrellas, umbrella heads, umbrella handles, and painting flowers. One of them can complete one of them is "full art". People with all five arts have no rumors.
    but the paper umbrella is relatively difficult to take. It is a bit difficult to carry, depending on the personal situation.

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