1 thought on “What is PDD100 diamond?”

  1. There are some of the diamonds. The diamond is a blessing scroll. At the beginning, you will get 0.01 yuan in cash. When the difference is 0.01 yuan, you will start withdrawal, and then when the gold coins are about to save enough, the diamond will start again. Scrolls, so if you want to play a large cash turntable, many people need to help you. If you have the kind of help group, or if there are enough connections, you can try it, otherwise it is a waste of time. In the cash turntable gameplay, it is still difficult to successfully withdraw. There are a lot of routines. Every time you get the threshold for withdrawal, you will make new things, and the activity is time limit. Users need to be at the prescribed time. Internal completion, otherwise it will be cleared. After successfully reaching the threshold for withdrawal, it must be quickly withdrawn, otherwise the time will be cleared.

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