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  1. Pt is platinum (also known as platinum); PD is 钯 (also known as 钯 钯). Both gold and platinum are ranked among the platinum elements. The metallurgical properties of the two are quite similar. Both colors are silver -white, and the appearance is similar. Because of the similar appearance, some people counter -white gold with gold.
    PD is also 钯 钯, silver white, symbol PD, light than platinum, slightly harder than platinum. The specifications are labeling with PD1000, PD950, PD900. From the price point of view, the golden gold is much cheaper than platinum; in terms of texture, the golden gold is light and easy to crack, and the gold jewelry is used for a period of time. , Deformation and wear. Based on the above characteristics, the color of the gold jewelry will be darkened for a while.
    . Platinum
    This Chinese platinum elements mineral resources are very small, and their reserves are not as good as 1%of the world reserves, so they basically rely on imports. Although more than 60 countries have discovered and mining platinum ore, their reserves are highly concentrated in South Africa and former Soviet Union. The total reserves of the two account for 98%of the world's total reserves. The annual output of the world's platinum is only 85 tons, which is far less than gold. In addition, the platinum melting point is higher. Polying platinum is more difficult than gold and consumes high energy. Therefore, its price is more expensive than gold. Platinum ore can be refined after 5 months. In the classification of minerals, the platinum elements are natural platinum, including the natural element minerals of 铱, 铑, 钯, and platinum. They exist in the same phenomenon of the same phenomenon in each other, thereby forming a series of types of quality of the same elephant mixed crystals. At the same time, the ingredients often include iron, copper, nickel, silver and other elements. When their content is high, they constitute the corresponding species. Metals melted by platinum elements include gold, gold, gold, platinum, etc. All valuable metals will leave scratches, and platinum is no exception. However, the scratches on platinum only move the metal and will not reduce its volume, and the gold scratches will bring wear and reduce the volume of gold. If there are indeed scratches on the naked eye on the platinum, qualified jewelry vendors can re -polish it without losses.
    The platinum color is elegant and luxurious, symbolizing purity and noble. Therefore, people use it as a token of love and make a engagement ring to show the innocence and forever of love. If the diamond is inlaid on a silver -white platinum support, the crystal diamonds complement each other with the glorious platinum, which sets off the white flawlessness, precious and graceful luxury of the diamond. The Egyptian priest coffin has a platinum -made image on the coffin. It can still be perfect after a long time, and its original luster has fully proved the persistence and stability of platinum. After the first diamonds were dug out of the Kingsley mine in South Africa, platinum was shined. The world -renowned Hop (Hope) diamonds were always inlaid on the platinum chain. Many people think that inlaid diamonds with gold may cause diamond yellowing, which greatly reduces the price of diamonds. With platinum inlaid diamonds, the pure white color of diamonds can be kept, especially as an engagement ring. Platinum inlaid diamonds with platinum are both white and crystal. However, although platinum has higher hardness than gold, inlaid diamonds and jewelry are still insufficient, and other metals need to be mixed with platinum alloy to inlaid diamonds.

  2. PDD was trained in Hanbok in the later period of S2. The national service number only played the positioning match and did not play. Essence PDD Hanbok strongest king. In IG Bar, he burst into the picture.

  3. The League of Legends project e -sports player, the real name Liu Mou, the ID is PDD, the former NGG and EHOME team LOL branch captain, now played for the Invictus Gaming.lol branch. The IG team's tactical core, powerful personal ability, was selected as the 2013 China LOL Shanghai All -Star Chinese team, good at heroes: prince, vampire, Diana, Zac 'Zike, Murphist, Galen, Jielun, Jielun, Jiele Si, Ruz, Kenan, Lambo, cautious, crocodile, dragon girl. Hobbies are wide and love to play mantis boxing.

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