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  1. Our traditional Chinese style has always been loved by everyone. The new Chinese style accessories are elegant and simple, relying on quietness, but they are dynamic. With a lot of luxurious decorations, it expresses the essence of traditional culture more smoothly. In order to add a little warmth to the room, decorated with exquisite lamps and elegant hanging paintings, the entire living room penetrates a modern atmosphere in the thick ancient charm. So what points should be paid to the placement of Chinese style decoration home accessories? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian.

    . Principles of the placement of Chinese home accessories

    1. Symmetry principles
    Oriental aesthetics pay attention to Symmetry, decorate the symmetrical pattern that integrates Chinese elements, and then place the same furniture and accessories in a symmetrical way to create a pure oriental atmosphere. Cultural temperament. Symmetric design is a commonly used construction principle adopted by Chinese architecture, furniture. Symmetric can reduce visual impact and give people a coordinated and comfortable visual experience. During the jewelry configuration process, the principle of symmetry should be used to place jewelry.

    2. The application of typical elements

    n Chinese furniture style packaging Elements should be explored from China's long history, and there are many elements that can represent Chinese classical home style. For example, Chinese calligraphy is fresh and elegant, and the clouds flow. Both the living room and the study can reflect the elegant living taste of the owner. Porcelain, Chinese knot, Peking opera Facebook, palace lamp, etc. are representatives of Chinese classical elements. In addition, tie -dye, wax dye fabrics, female red plate buckles, etc. can be applied to fabrics, and bedding fabrics can be used with representative silk fabrics to highlight the gorgeous indoor. The four treasures used by pens, ink, paper, and 墨 as the study room are all reflected in the Chinese style elements;

    3. Color application

    The Chinese classical home style jewelry color can adopt representative Chinese red and Chinese blue. It is not easy to use more color decorations in the living room to avoid breaking the elegant home life. The color should not be bright, and it should be based on the calm gray tone. Green should be replaced by plants, such as spider orchids, large potted plants, and so on.

    4. n

    The typical Chinese pattern comes from flowers, birds, worms, fish, etc. in nature. The peony in the flowers is full of flowers and colorful colors. It is called "national color incense" by the poet, "the king of flowers", and "rich in flowers", so it symbolizes wealth. Plum blossoms, elegant and elegant, and the Snow Snow are strong, so since ancient times, they have been praised by countless literati in my country. They often express their fun, personality or sentiment with plum blossoms. Jasmine symbolizes pure and beautiful. Other patterns composed of points, lines, and noodles can also be used in furniture and accessories.

    . The matching principles of Chinese classical furniture and modern decoration

    n among Chinese classical furniture, simple furniture lines, clear furniture carvings The complicated work, how to cooperate with modern decoration elements is an important lesson to arrange modern home. Because the wooden pattern, carving pattern and color of Chinese classical furniture are unique, to show the advantages of this area, we must pay attention to the effect of lighting, ground, and walls on it. The soft light can highlight the natural texture of the wood, and the light -colored wall can set out the elegant charm of Chinese ancient furniture.

    The shape and color of Chinese furniture are very eye -catching. For families who do not want to change the original modern atmosphere, Chinese classical furniture The number should not be too much. The whole set of large spaces appears to be elegant. Generally, you only need to buy one or two pieces, which is expensive. For example, the fashionable and exquisite modern sofa looks full of times in the living room. The pair of circle chairs or official hat chairs can also live peacefully with Western sofas, not only creating the unique style of the East, but also very practical functions.

    A exquisite workmanship and exquisite pattern of flower tables and coffee tables will bring unexpected results; in the restaurant, four Chinese back chairs that have no armrests can be configured with the restaurant to form a Chinese -flavored dining area, and square or round Because of its convenient movement, it can also be used as a coffee table because of its convenient movement. The Chinese -style screen is beautiful and elegant. The beauty of Chinese furniture lies in calmness. Its smooth structural lines and the texture of the material itself exudes charming charm. As the temperament of traditional Chinese culture: The restrained and noble style is revealed in the details, so it is more and more loved by people and enters more families.

  2. The style of these decoration can be ceramic, or window flowers, calligraphy and painting, fabric and other classical items. Personally recommended can be those bottles of painting.

  3. You can choose a wardrobe, you can choose a hanger, choose the lamp, you can choose a coffee table, or you can choose the dining table. These are Chinese -style decorations. I recommend the pads on the table. These pads can have the effect of heat insulation and temperature.

  4. The most common decorations of Chinese home improvement style are calligraphy and painting. For example, some ancient calligraphy and paintings. I think this is a very good choice, and screens, etc. Tea cup and tea set.

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