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  1. The credit limit is based on the amount of information filled in when you apply for a credit card and the comprehensive assessment of the relevant certification documents provided by you. In the end, please refer to the actual approval results.
    The above content is for your reference. Please prevail in business regulations.
    If you have any questions, please consult the Bank of China online customer service.
    IV, please download and use the Bank of China Mobile Banking APP or BOC Cross -border Go APP to handle related businesses.

  2. The Bank of China Points Inquiry and Redemption has the following methods:
    1. Log in to China Silver Eling 365 website (you can provide links from the official website of Bank of China). After registration, you can query points and redeem gifts.
    2. Credit card customers can hit BOC Credit Card Points Service Hotline 40066-95566 to query points and exchange gifts. The telephone service time is 8: 30-20: 30. Support the inquiry and exchange of enjoying points and transaction points.
    3. Personal mid-to-high-end customers can call the customer service hotline 95566 to inquire and enjoy the gift points through manual services. The phone service time is 6: 00-24: 00.
    4. Private banks and wealth management customers can also call the China Banking VIP service line 40068-95566 to query and exchange exclusive points. The telephone service time is 6: 00-24: 00.
    5. Inquiry for the exchange gifts through the "Colorful Life" mobile client of the Bank of China, the mobile client only supports the credit card client's registration and redeeming the transaction points after registration.
    P others:
    1. Bank of China credit card points have been merged with financial product points and upgraded to personal customer comprehensive points. Divided into exclusive points and transaction points. The exclusive feedback provided by the asset points, which is the asset points, can be used to redeem the presence of excitement. Transaction points are divided into credit card points and marketing activities. Trading points can be used to redeem various kinds of physical gifts, non -live gifts, and value -added services.
    2. The points of the points of different products are different, and the points after expiration will be cleared. Pay attention to redeeming within the efficiency period.
    3. Real gifts provide on -site distribution services. After the order was successfully submitted, the logistics company sent the gift directly to the receiving address confirmed by the logistics company within 30 days. Non -physical gifts (excluding aviation mileage) will send SMS vouchers to the mobile phone number confirmed during the exchange after the exchanges are successful. Customers can use SMS vouchers to designated stores.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer everyone should know that when we use credit card consumption, we will get a part of the corresponding points, and the use of these points is also very much. In addition to the credit card points can be exchanged for gifts, we can also directly exchange cash! Method 1: As we all know, credit cards will charge annual fees, and the annual fees of different cards are also different. The higher the level of credit card, the more expensive the annual fee is; but the credit card points can be used to offset the year It is undoubtedly not a small benefit for many cardholders. Method 2: Aviation mileage is the first choice for most cardholders to exchange points. After all, the price of air tickets is also very expensive, and high -end credit card points can be exchanged for aviation mileage. Jiuyi Points Alliance, in exchange for cash. Method 3: You can also use credit card points to redeem daily necessities, electronic products, food vouchers, commercial cards, etc. For users with lower card levels, you can use this method to exchange items you need The items are placed in the Jiuyi Eling Alliance for transfer. Method 4: Generally, many banks will launch some points consumer activities. Everyone can deduct some cash on designated consumer channels with credit cards. Method 5: You can also exchange points or points to be exchanged for cash directly on the Jiuyi Eling Alliance, which is also a considerable income. There are many ways to exchange cash for credit card points, but everyone needs to note that the credit card points have a certain time limit. If it expires, the points are cleared, so it is better to use the points as early as possible.

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