2 thoughts on “The award of the Juejue Jewelry”

  1. In 2002, the Juejue became an honorary member of the executive director of the China Baoyu Stone Association.
    In 2003, Titth won the honorary title of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the China Baoyu Stone Association, and the honorary title of “Outstanding Enterprise of Integrity and Quality Management” and the honorary title of “Chinese Jewelry Jewelry Industry”.
    In 2004, the chairman of the group Liu Xudong and Li Zekai 30, including the outstanding manager, won the “World Manager Achievement Award · Future Leader” and became the only person in the industry.
    In 2005, the Juejue Jewelry became the only designated jewelry dealer in the New Silk Road Model Contest.
    In 2007, Tijue Jewelery was selected as a famous Chinese jewelry shop and became the leader in the industry.
    In 2010 -2012, Ti Jue Jewelery was awarded the “Fortune 500 Most Valuable Brand” issued by the World Brand Lab three consecutive years.

  2. Ti Jue Jewelery has won many awards issued by many industries, but it is all a matter. The Juejue jewelry brand adheres to the original intention to bring more creative quality diamond rings and accessories, a wedding ring, a wedding ring, a wedding ring, a wedding ring, a wedding ring. A mark.

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