5 thoughts on “What to do if you want to sell gold jewelry to foreign abroad”

  1. Below 50G can bring entry and exit
    On the country's own regulations, because gold and its products are restricted to entry and exit items. Many passengers will wear gold bracelets and gold necklaces to enter the country with them. Is this allowed? What are the rules?
    The passengers carry gold and their products in and out of the country. If more than 50 grams need to be reported in writing. For example, if you go abroad or abroad to buy gold bracelets, gold necklaces and other jewelry, if there is no more than 50g, no declaration is required, if it exceeds, you need to declare to the customs. If within the scope of self -use and reasonable quantity, the customs will be released after inspection; but if it exceeds the self -use and reasonable quantity range, such as one hundred or even kilograms at a time, it is likely to be regarded as imported goods. The method is declared, and the Customs is inspected and released with the "People's Bank of China Gold and its products import and export" issued by the Customs of the People's Bank of China or its authorized by the People's Bank of China. If you do not declare, it may even be regarded as "smuggling".

  2. When you are on the plane, the flight attendant will send you a table. They will tell you how to fill in and then arrive when you arrive when you arrive at the outlet.

  3. Flying from abroad to Hong Kong, do not go out of the customs. If there is a checked baggage method, after the Hong Kong airport is off, you will go to the mainland passenger ship's cabinet}, buy the ticket of the Fiyong Wharf, and check the checked baggage. The receipt is handed over to the staff of the passenger ship cabinet, and he will send someone to immediately transfer your checked baggage to the ship. If you arrive at the Fuyong Wharf, you will receive it, enter, and pass, and you need to lift your luggage for free buses, sit down When you go to Shenzhen Airport, your luggage is not directly hung up. You need to check in another baggage at Shenzhen Airport.

  4. Gold is a controlling product, and transaction gold cannot be carried, that is, a large amount of gold cannot be carried. At the same time, most countries will also conduct grades and sources of gold with more than 1W or 2W US dollars of gold. If you want to carry, it doesn't matter if you want to carry.

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