Take a look at the real Pyongyang subway

In Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, the subway was opened to traffic early. In 1973, the first line, called "Cheollima Line", was built under the aid of China.

The subway is a retro design that looks both historical and cartoonish.

Pyongyang subway station architecture and pattern characteristics, has an obvious Russian style, a Moscow subway station taste.

The drawings on the wall of the subway station suddenly reminded us of the hand-drawn posters in the past, which were exactly the same as the painting style in the 1960s and 1970s. I didn't think they were still in use today.

A subway train has just entered the station, and although the platform is not protected by guardrails, there are staff standing in a row between people and cars as a barrier. The subway fare is single, just 5 won wherever you go, which is extremely cheap 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược. Now North Korea is not completely open, there is no official exchange rate, but roughly 1 yuan can be exchanged for more than 100 North Korean won. This shows how cheap subway tickets are.

Dramatic chandeliers on the ceiling of the metro station, which is also a favorite element of Moscow metro stations.

An entire wall has a long view of downtown Pyongyang, which can be seen as the city's skyline. You can see that the painting has been painted by hand.

Pyongyang's subway station claims to be one of the deepest in the world, and it's a long escalator ride down from the ground.

Standing upright, subway station workers carry a whistle with them.

The order keepers are mostly women, and they look very good.

6f6a740ac600f15aadfa41d62e3d87e4There is a special newspaper reading rack, people waiting can read the newspaper news. Smartphones are available but not widely available in North Korea, where people rely on newspapers to keep up with current events. I remember that many years ago, there were still people who would distribute newspapers at the entrance of subway stations in China, and they had exited the stage of subway unconsciously.

A bookstore in a subway station in Pyongyang. This shows that people there pay attention to learning, or students take the subway a lot, there are books, stationery demand.

​Most people who live in downtown Pyongyang, where the subway is now a necessary part of the city's modernization, North Korea is not far behind.

Pyongyang, North Korea, now has two lines: Line 1 is the Cheollima Line, and Line 2 is the Innovation Line, which was completed in 1978, five years after the opening of the Cheollima line. With a total capacity of 700,000 passengers a day, Pyongyang's population is now thought to be less than three million, more than enough.

Young women in uniform, standing together on the subway.

When riding the subway or in other public places, North Koreans dress formally and neatly, as if paying special attention to the sense of ceremony, and wear good badges on their chests.

The wooden panels inside the subway cars are attractive and dainty.

This is another type of subway car, which looks more modern, with leather seats like sofas.

Another detail, this old subway, the Windows can be opened.

People are passing through the entrance gate. It's no wonder North Korea is so secure that security checks are unnecessary.

A subway station exit, looks like a small station hall general, near the door is the residential community, very convenient.

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