4 thoughts on “Nian -year -end customer thanksgiving gift plan”

  1. We Chinese advocate "gifts and flow". It is normal for friends to send gifts. At the time of giving gifts, they can improve the relationship between friendship between friends and enterprises.
    1. For example, if the gift is exchanged, most of the gifts are selected in the store or carried out online. The gifts in this area not only have many types, but also the price is not high. The quality is different. Everyone is so sent, there is no creativity to follow, so it is not easy to leave the gift deduction and feel deeply. Nowadays, people with thoughts or companies are mostly selected custom gifts. They feel that the method of customized gifts can not only meet their own regulations on gifts, but also customize gifts. The gifts are added with some information content or the words that customers love. Generally, the customized gifts are unique and have a certain amount of appreciation space.
    2. Now people pay attention to good -looking and practical gifts. When the gifts you send do not have these two specifications, firmly believe that you are not easy to send. Without everything, it is more positive in home. If you can customize the more appropriate gifts according to the customer's hobbies, the actual effect of giving gifts must be very good.
    3. Considering the cost fee, the general price of customized gifts is not too high, and everyone will accept the acceptance range. If the company or enterprise decision -making is generally large, the total number is generally large, so there is a certain level of reduction in ordering and making costs. Therefore, corporate gift customization is not more expensive than immediately. Therefore The comprehensiveness is better than the photos.
    4. At the time of gift customization, it was possible to stipulate that gift production companies added some product information or company logo, which can have very good free publicity and planning effects. Customized gifts have long become a very time -sized method. At the time of customized gifts, you can communicate with custom gift companies, and say that your thoughts are also told to form a plan for a gift, which is more in line with its own regulations and the request of the recipient.
    The four advantages above, that is, why custom gifts are so popular. Therefore, when many people and the company selected gifts to give gifts, they were selected for customized gifts. Because this can give people or the company uniquely different from the sales market, which is not only in line with the provisions of the gift giver. The demand for the gifted, the so -called every so -called one by one.

  2. Li Zhicheng is also good. I was originally attracted by his name. I went to the company to see it. Although it was not particularly large, it was good to be a small and medium -sized enterprise like our small and medium -sized enterprises. The gift book is very creative, and the top grade feels face when it is given to customers. Hee hee, gift, packaging is really important.

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