3 thoughts on “Is the Burger King delicious? Is it expensive?”

  1. Hamburg West Restaurant, which is tall, opens out. But today, we still have to talk about a chain fast food restaurant, Burger King, and see what is delicious in his family. I do n’t know why, everyone always feels that the food sold by the Burger King is more refined, and it is a bit higher than the traditional foreign fast food chain store.
    The first thing to recommend is the Bawang Chicken Strip. This is the best chicken bar in the shops I have eaten. Chicken strips are thicker than fingers, but the chicken is very tender and soft, but its outer layer, the fried part is very fragrant and crispy. It can be said that the texture of the inner and outer layers is completely different.
    This is very different from other chicken bars. Other homes, or from the inside out, are soft lying, which is more tide and the taste is not good. Otherwise, it is very hard and crispy outside, and the chicken inside will not be delicious. The Bawang Chicken Strip is a dish I must order every time, and I don't need to dip any sauce. Generally, the seasonal upgrade version will also be launched. For example, the recent overlord shrimp strip, the chicken is replaced with shrimp, it is also worth you to taste it.
    Secondly, I still need to recommend fries. The fries of the Burger King, the original fries, are also very good. French fries are actually difficult to do. The old is very crispy, the taste is not good, the frying is in place, and the same as the chicken strip, it is soft, tide, and not delicious. The original fries of the Burger King are just the right taste, and it is not very salty. It is very good with tomato sauce or eating alone.
    The snacks of the Burger King are really good. What I want to recommend is its chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets are small, usually smaller than one fist, five pieces. The reason for the recommendation of chicken nuggets is because it is more tender, and the mouth feels very good.
    On the other hand, the sweet and spicy sauce made by the Burger King is particularly praised, which is the sauce of the earthy yellow shell. A bit sour and a bit sweet. It is not enough to dip the chicken nuggets. I can even eat three or four copies in one breath.
    At the end, it is about to talk about burgers. Burger King's Huangbao, I think it's delicious. The kind of chosen pepper is very delicious. Secondly, I think the Burger King, really every kind of burger, is very solid, and has a large physique. The meat cakes, or chicken cakes inside are super enough and super thick.
    If you are a big stomach king, you can choose the imperial castle, the number of meat cakes can be selected, and one girl is enough. You can also have two or three pieces. Even on the Internet, I saw that people with super good appetite added eight pieces of meat pie, which is worth your challenge. In addition, like most foreign fast food restaurants, the Burger King will sell it except some classic burgers. Many burgers will launch the corresponding style of the season according to the season.
    The burgers that have been supplied for a limited time will have amazing taste. I have known a burger with a tempura flavor before, and I am shocked. Therefore, for Hamburg's dishes, it is recommended that you can taste it. Anyway, it is not expensive.

  2. Personally, I think the materials used by burgers are more enjoyable for bread and filling. R N The composition of cod castle is the ordinary cod castle, full of beef castle, two layers of bacon plus a layer of cheese plus a layer of meat cake
    French fries
    40-50 set meals are generally burgers and drinks plus a chicken strip. There are meat sauce fries to watch restaurant activities
    also have a double package 60-80 to watch the drink special drink or cola and what kind of potato is the potato. What snacks or snacks

    It useful hopes to adopt

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