If you want to wear beautiful in summer, how can you ignore the colors of your fingers? What do you recommend in good -looking nail patterns?

3 thoughts on “If you want to wear beautiful in summer, how can you ignore the colors of your fingers? What do you recommend in good -looking nail patterns?”

  1. Naked tea skin tone with black T -shaped method, jelly purple -based base, black edge of painting bags, silver platinum hooks, transparent gem blue gradients, solid gem blue T -shaped method, jelly milk orange gradient, with golden platinum Hook side, these are all the nails I recommend good -looking nail patterns.

  2. I think you can use more nude color diamond styles, and there are solid colors, but nails with a lot of colors, you can also choose the style of cat eyes, and then there are very personal styles. You can draw on your nails. Some of their favorite pattern cartoon characters to increase their uniqueness.

  3. The first: The color of the nude tea skin is paired with the black T -shaped method, and the silver white vermiculite chain is decorated in the middle. Left -handed ring finger and thumb stick butterfly, baby bear decoration.
    The paragraph 2: Crystal jelly purple, the painting bag instead of the black edge, silver -white Poping gold drawing line. Anonymous fingers draw black and white edges. Overall with decorations.
    The third paragraph: The seepage of color is blue gradient, plus solid color treasure blue T shape, with dark blue meteor diamond and vermiculite chain.
    The paragraph 4:: It is like a red agate. It is painted with a carved flower (flat carving micro -three -dimensional), and the natural pearl spar diamond decoration point. Magic mirror pink hook edge. It is both technical and fusion of styling art, and the style becomes beautiful.
    The paragraph 5: wine red with gold and golden crocheter, French. Paired with the bright red oval thickness QQ red diamond.
    The paragraph 6: brown yellow with rose red color, color tone with high -end, left -handed ring finger finger -style decoration. The gentle purple is also very suitable for this season. It is clean to feel that the thumb and the middle thumb are painted with purple, 2 layers up and down. To a circle of small pearls, the left -handed ring finger was fainted with gray purple, 2 layers, and the little finger was painted with potato purple, and the final layer.
    The type 7 of fresh and natural emerald green leopard nails. Whether this nails see it at a glance, whether it is incredible, emerald green and leopard dot can be so harmonious! It is mainly matcha colors and dark green. It is not very refreshing. The left -handed ring finger is creamy white inside, matcha color painting leopard dot, black hook edge, and one hand is solved in 10 minutes. Overall high -end.
    The eighth petal ribbon manicure, also flattering and high -end nail art. This one is rare in summer. It is particularly good to have emotions. But pink is not every kind of skin, yellow and white skin can be tried, even black skin.
    The ice -threatened A is really popular recently! Introduce the tender and tender girl, which is really beautiful, and the nails of this series of products do not pick the skin color and do not pick people. Its best -looking point depends on the texture and the sense of transparency, simple and GIAO level! When you see your emotions, you will get better ~ The key short armor will also look good, cute and love ~

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