1. Winston says:

    1. If the gold and silver jewelry is used to the employees, it can be included in the welfare expenses. The welfare expenses are specified in the corporate income tax law that the total amount cannot exceed 14%of the actual salary. Essence In other words, if you enter your account, if more than 14%, you can adjust it.
    2. The temporary regulations of the VAT stipulate that the purchased goods are used for employees to issue benefits and need to be transferred out. The corporate income tax law stipulates that the purchase of goods for outsourcing for employees needs to be regarded as sale, which means You cannot deduct the amount of input tax for gold and silver. During the annual report, you need to make the purchase of gold and silver at a cost price.

    Pet personal opinion, for reference only.

  2. Okay
    , it is necessary to be full as a benefit fee
    It with more than 14%of the total salary cannot be deducted

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