4 thoughts on “I plan to buy my wife’s third anniversary gift, how about Jin Yi?”

  1. On the third anniversary of marriage, you can think of buying gifts for your wife, indicating that you really love your wife and a good man. In fact, what is not important to buy is your heart. I believe no matter what you buy, your wife will be moved and likes it. I wish you a happy life! Intersection Intersection

  2. Jin Yi is very good. It is a big brand in the industry. Whether it is packaging or products, it is particularly beautiful and beautiful. If you buy his golden jewelry for your wife, she should like it very much. In addition, when you go to the store, you can also consult the clerk, which are new products of the season.

  3. of course.
    The golden necklace has always been the jewelry loved by female friends. The golden luster and heavy texture make people love it. Nowadays, men are more and more pursuing beauty and personality. Regardless of men and women, wearing a suitable gold necklace has become an indispensable choice for daily wear. When buying the gold necklace, many friends will encounter such problems. How many grams of gold necklace is more suitable?
    Ore how many grams of gold necklace worn by ladies? The lady’s gold necklace has 2 or 3 grams, and there are dozens of grams. The general necklace ladies wear about 10 grams. The small point looks better and looks very temperament. Of course, the most important thing is whether the chain workmanship is fine and whether the style is suitable for the needs of the wearer.
    General wearing a gold necklace, women like to take a pendant. The combination of pendant and chain also has certain requirements for weight ratio. For example, how many grams of thousand -foot gold chain is good for 3G? Just buy a necklace with more than 4G. Thousands of feet are soft, and the chain that is too thin is easy to deform after a long time, which breaks.

    This necklace is generally not too much. It mainly depends on personal needs. However, most of the market will not exceed 30 grams, so how many grams of gold necklace depends on personal preferences. If you are more rich, you can choose a bigger one, and it looks more rich. How much is the gold necklace for ladies? Xiaobian suggested that at this time, he still chose a more beautiful gold necklace.
    , if you do n’t have a cold for thousands of gold necklaces, the 18K gold necklace will be a good choice. 18K gold has been a new precious metal in recent years, and has become more and more sought after.

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