2 thoughts on “Is it okay for Lao Fengxiang Jewelry to repair all stores?”

  1. Generally speaking, where to buy or do repairs, because Lao Fengxiang's stores are franchisees, there is no obligation to repair you between dealers, and the maintenance may be charged, but you can go to the store to ask. The pony knows it when he tries.

  2. 1. The license is complete
    . A professional jewelry maintenance agency must be complete, and the business license must be available. When you enter the jewelry repair shop, you can check the business license in the shop. If you can't see it, you must be careful.
    2, geographical location
    The geographical location of jewelry maintenance stores is very important. Generally professional jewelry repair shops will open the store near high -end shopping malls with large traffic. For example The maintenance center and the Beijing Huamao Shopping Center's Royal Gold Merchant Branch, etc., with professional and financial resources with professional and financial resources to open the maintenance stores near high -end shopping malls.
    3. Professional maintenance technology
    has many jewelry repair shops in Beijing. They take your jewelry to say that they can repair it in the future. The staff's explanation is not very detailed. But in the end you often find that the effect of maintenance is not satisfactory and cannot be repaired according to the original. Such a result will definitely not satisfy yourself. A professional jewelry maintenance store can be maintained in the same way to ensure the satisfaction of guests.
    4. The specified process
    Jewelry jewelry is expensive. When repairing, there must be a standard process. You cannot receive the no specified receipt after the jewelry. A professional jewelry repair point must have a very standardized operation process, which can not only reassure the guests, but also ensure the interests of the guests.

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