Proper use of bath salts and body wash

1, bath salt cleansing: Take a tiny amount of bath salt dissolved in the basin and can be used as a cleanser, cleanser and other skin products, which are fresh, pure and simple. After THE PERSON OF OILY SKIN USES BATH SALT TO WASH A FACE, THE EFFECT THAT DOES NOT NEED TONER TO BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE CLEAN SKIN, TIGHT SKIN, PROTECT SKIN. surprise bath bombs wholesale.

2. Bath salt shower: the cloth bag loaded with bath salts is hung on the nozzle, which can easily and quickly achieve the skin care effect; ​the same effect can be achieved by rubbing a little salt over your body with a sponge and rinsing with water.

a0e9e69be426bbdf806f4b2467c6205b3, bath salt feet: soak the feet with hot water for 5 minutes, wipe the bath salt in the part of the thick skin, such as the heel, the sole of the foot in a circle massage for 5 minutes, then wash with water, and then moisturize with skin lotion.

4, salt plastic body: salt osmosis can eliminate edema, promote fatty movement, in shaping the body curve has an unexpected effect. You only need to use salt supplemented with the corresponding massage, you can carry out local or whole body weight loss.

Bath salts and body wash can be used together, because bath salts are used because they have the effect of exfoliating, moisturizing the skin and promoting metabolism, while bath gel is mainly used to kill bacteria and lubricate the skin, so if the two are used together, the bath salt should be used first and then the body wash.

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