wholesale jewelry belly button rings What do you do?

wholesale jewelry belly button rings

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  1. wholesale women's accessories miami fine jewelry Prepare materials / tools: brown clay, black clay, white clay, meat -colored clay.
    1. Rub the cylindrical shape with brown clay (one head and one side) as the head.
    2, take the right amount of black and white clay, make the eyeballs.
    3, rub two small balls with brown clay to make nostrils.
    4, rubbing with meat -colored clay into a cone -shaped to make horn.
    5, take an appropriate amount of light brown clay to make ears.
    6, set them together.

  2. jewelry wholesale handbags Tools/ingredients: paper, bamboo or wooden strip, nylon rope, line.
    1, first step, fold the paper into a rhombus, or draw a diamond, put the excess ground part, Cut it out and turn the paper into a diamond. It can be seen that the bottom of this rhombus is 15 cm, while the upper part is 35 cm.

    2, Step 2, prepare two wooden strips, one is 30 cm long, the other is 50 cm long, stack them into cross and tie it with a rope. Centimeters, the lower part is 35 cm high.
    3, the third step, poke the four small holes of the four corners of the paper.
    4, the fourth step, prepare two nylon lines, tie the two ends of a rope to both ends of the short wood bar, and then use a slightly longer nylon rope to be tied to this The center of the nylon rope.
    5, step 5, tied to both ends of the kite with some favorite ribbons and tails. When preparing to fly, we must connect a bundle of light line at the end of the nylon rope so that the kite is ready.

  3. wholesale jewelry houston harwin Taking handmade pumpkin lanterns as an example, the method is as follows:
    . Prepare color paper, double -sided glue, glue, scissors, etc. of A4 size.
    . The amount of the ruler is proportional, and then the orange paper is folded with each other, and the eight -portal long strips are cut equally. The scale is about 2cm, and the specific proportion is determined.
    . Orange paper is made of pumpkin top and small handle. It is painted in a round regulation with a marker or a pencil. round.
    . Take out the double -sided glue, stand in the section of the orange bar, tear off the protective skin, and put them on the top of the green.
    5. Use glue to stick the other end with glue, and then put it on the orange round. When sticking, pay attention to putting a little lighter to avoid flattening.
    6. Prepare green strips and roll into a cylinder, stick to the end;
    7. Make a small handle, and then use glue to stick the top to fix it.
    8. Take out the black paper and cut it into a triangular shape, and paste it on the lantern with glue, as the mouth and nose, so that the pumpkin lamp will be achieved.

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