5 thoughts on “There are Huawei in China, there is a Tata Group in India. Who is strong?”

  1. India claims to be the third largest power in the world, but at present, the strength and slogan are not matched, so it is nicknamed the third brother of India by other countries. However, India's population is second only to China and ranks second in the world.
    The gap between the rich and the poor in India is more serious than China, especially in northern India, which is simply the existence of refugee camps. And India does not have standard Indian language. In China, dialects are very different, but we have a unified national Mandarin as a bridge for us to communicate. There is no Indian Mandarin in India. Maybe you can't understand the place where you change some places in the TV show.
    India has always wanted to build a high -speed rail that exceeds China, but in terms of the current consumption level of India's trains and people, it is still not reached. The Indian train is full of people and stays in the minds of the people of the world.
    The company in India is known as China Huawei, a private enterprise called Tata Group.
    It the name is weird, what is Tata? In fact, Tata was the surname of the founder of the group. At that time, he did business at the pier. Every time the transaction was completed, when others left, he would say "Tata" to others, that is, goodbye. Later, the people on the dock knew him, and they all called him tower, and it became his surname. This is "a hundred family names".
    Tata group has a very wide range of business. When it is small, Tata Group is the second largest tea sales body in India. Indians love to drink black tea. After baking black tea, add milk powder or refining milk, pour hot water, and add sugar. It is a cup of hot milk tea. Every day, a cup of fragrant milk tea is warm.
    It big, Tata Iron and Steel is the largest steel group in India. It has developed the top ten steel companies in the world now, and has produced more than 30 million tons per year. In addition, Tata Iron and Steel manages a city, and it is also managed by the well, and the people have a solid foundation. At that time, the state government wanted to recover the management of urban management, and did not wait for Tata Group to reply, and was opposed by local residents.
    The other main business scope of Tata Group is cars. In 2008, Tata Group acquired Land Rover and Jaguar, a subsidiary of Ford, so now it is not Ford Land Rover, but Tata Land Rover. Strangely, the next time has become lower. However, the strength of others really exists.
    It 8 cars in India are from Tata Group. Tata Group not only acquired foreign brands, but also produced Indian's own cars. At the beginning, it was only a car worth about 17,000 yuan. In fact, it was also a helping car in China. However, in India, the low price attracts consumers and received a lot of orders.
    Tata's current leader Latan is 67 years old, and he will retire in 3 years. Before retiring, he also wanted to complete the "100,000 rupees" project that he launched. Made of Tata's own manufacturing, components can be circulated nationwide, so that more families can afford cars, and they can also facilitate maintenance. I have to say that Mr. Latan is also an entrepreneur with national feelings.
    Tata Group has not yet determined the heirs. Who is the next group leader who has always been secretly announced. In an interview, Latan said that the heirs must not be a member of the Tata family. Whether to break the family tradition.
    Tata groups have 31 listed companies under the Tata Group. The companies do not interfere with each other independently. There are 450,000 employees, and the company's footprints are spread all over the world. The annual income of Tata Group is about 100 billion US dollars, but from the figure, it is slightly inferior to China Huawei, but the business scope is too much, and it is unnecessary to put them together.

  2. I personally think that Huawei in China is better, because China's Huawei is very prominent in this aspect, and its products are very popular even if they reach abroad.

  3. I personally think that Huawei in China is because I think Huawei is about to go to the world, and it has developed very fast. At present, the Tata Group in India cannot be compared.

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