1 thought on “How to apply for a refund for WeChat payment deduction”

  1. Return method
    1 First contact the payee to open WeChat and click the search box above.
    2 Enter "WeChat Pay" and click "WeChat Pay" public account in the search results.
    3 Click "My bill" in the lower left corner.
    4 Select "Trading Bill".
    5 Find the bill you want to refund in the bill detail page and click to enter.
    6 If it is an order for merchants, pull down the bill details page and click "Contact Merchant".
    7 After selecting the contact information, you can negotiate with the merchant.
    8 If an order paid through the QR code scanning code, you need to click the "contact receipt" within the details page of 72 hours after payment (the details of the bill after 72 hours of the bill will not be displayed. "Fang" option).
    9 can leave a message to the payee once, try to communicate and negotiate with the other party.

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