fine jewelry diamond wholesale Is it illegal to sell the game currency?

fine jewelry diamond wholesale

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  1. handcrafted metal jewelry wholesale Buying and selling online game coins is illegal.
    The game coins that players won in the game cannot be realized under normal circumstances. The game currency can only be circulated in the game. If you want to get the game currency, it can only be recharged by the RMB. This is only a game. Players can make game coins from other players and sell them to other players. The nature is equivalent to gambling.
    The merchants in online games are not game equipment, but only game coins that are only connected in the game. The special thing is that they have opened the channel for gaming coins and RMB exchange, so as to turn online games into casino.
    This expansion information:
    1. When the market is in the stages of object exchange, whether the exchange can occur depends on the supply and demand of both parties. A lacks B, and B remaining B is missing D. If only both and B exist, the exchange cannot be performed. Assuming that the existence of C, the remaining D is missing A, then at a certain agreement, the exchange can occur in the form of both parties in the form of both parties. This agreement is: B and C can use A to exchange D, so that he can use B to exchange A with A. Although A is not what he finally needs, it acts as the role of exchange medium. We extend the characters in this case, refer to A to be a buyer, the B refers to the seller, and the C index is the market. It can be a combination of both a C or an internal exchange. In this way, A acts as a currency, that is, A uses A to buy B from B, while B holds A and uses it to exchange D with C.
    2. When the exchange occurs in a larger range, the importance of the two -way match between the two parties and the demand of the exchange will continue to decrease. If the scale of the market is large enough, there will always be possible third parties. He can provide a lack of supply supply. To meet the needs of exchanges. This third party is the market, and the market contains the general of all exchanges. In the above examples of A, B, C, we assume that C contains Ding, Wu and Geng to make a general explanation: assuming that Ding Yu D is missing E, Wu Yu E is missing F, and Geng Yu F lacks A. Obviously, if the exchange can be performed, B, Ding, Wu and Geng should agree with A's recipients that A can be exchanged for what they need, so B and Ding and Wu have a common agreement. We trace back the source of A, where does A come from? There are two possibilities: exchanges or output. If it is produced by itself, then A has become a producer of a currency. It is further said to be the issuer of the currency. He obviously accepts such a fact: that is, A can be used to exchange what he needs, because he is doing so. If it is exchanged, we may wish to call this exchange object as Tiangan, then when A and Tiangan exchange A, B will become a third party from the market. A common agreement. When we simplify the exchange relationship in this incident, we get a conclusion: As long as the exchanges can reach an agreement with the market, agreed that the exchanges between other items to other items, then the exchange can always be carried out.

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