bulk jewelry chain wholesale The notification of the live broadcast behind the yy name

bulk jewelry chain wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry for ring bombs It must be an anchor that opens the live broadcast permissions. Most people have no way, so you must first obtain the permissions of the broadcast

    1 Log in to the ordinary live broadcast YY number to enter the general anchor channel, find the sub -channel with live broadcast permissions, click on the application above the chat window The game live plug -in in the box (next to the flowers) (Note: Ordinary anchors need to meet the props (tyrants pit cute)> 1000 before applying for a contract anchor).
    2 After clicking the game live plug -in, the automatic jump to the "personal background" interface of "YY game live broadcast" is automatically jumped, and the ordinary anchor YY login to the personal background.
    3 Entering the personal background, you can see the basic information of the anchor (such as YY, nickname, contact information, bank account number, signing channel, etc.). Since YY game live broadcast is divided into systems, the anchors need to sign a one Confidentiality agreement! At the same time, confidential information such as personal ID cards and bank accounts (Note: Once this information is submitted, it will not be modified for life); if you do not want to sign an agreement for the time being, we will save your virtual props and others into personal accounts.
    4 You can see the words of the signing channel in the background of the game live broadcast. Click "Signing", enter the channel number and click "OK" to apply for a contract with the channel.
    5 When you return to the background, you can see the words "Signing Review". At this time, remind your channel OW to go to OW background within 7 working days for review, and the review and passing your contract will be successful; Or OW will not be reviewed within 7 working days and will be rejected by default. YY staff will send messages to your personal center.

  2. wholesale acrylic jewelry blanks When you order the subscription, after you enter YY, there will be a live broadcast notification of the singer so that someone will come to watch.

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