Can you only get bangs

Receive A HAIR CAN RECEIVE BANGS ONLY, BESIDES BANGS STILL CAN RECEIVE THE HAIR OF WHOLE HEAD, THE HAIRSTYLE THAT CAN CHANGE A PERSON THROUGH RECEIVE A HAIR, ADD THE TEMPERAMENT OF WHOLE PERSON. General QI BANG IS SHORTER, DO not NEED TO RECEIVE HAIR, GROW INSIDE BEFORE TALL TIME. The middle part of the bangs can be completed by the way of hair extensions. If you can't separate the hair after receiving it, and it is easy to mix, you can tie it up with a rubber band to distinguish it.

Before hair extension manufacture,  needs to be layered with a hair-tail comb. The hair-tail comb can pick up a bit hair and then add hair in different sections. This way of hair extension can make the hair connect more symmetrical, detailed, but also to achieve their own hair extension effect. The SPECIAL SHAMPOO PRODUCT SHOULD BE USED AFTER RECEIVING HAIR, PASS THE USE OF SHAMPOO PRODUCT, ALSO CAN MAKE HAIR QUALITATIVE MORE COMPLIANT, BURNISH, REDUCE THE OCCURRENCE OF KNOT PHENOMENON

9dfd05b5c333cbe46e5f4f280fc0fdddIt can also make hair more smooth and increase its gloss. After receiving hair, there should also be certain nursing methods to avoid insolation in the sun, which will cause certain damage to the hair and reduce its gloss. The HAIR AFTER RECEIVING HAIR HAD BETTER USE WIDE COMB WHEN COMBING, ALSO DO NOT COMB TOO ROUGH, CAN CAUSE THE PHENOMENON THAT THE HAIR DROPS.

Do NOT BE FORCED TO SCRATCH THE root OF THE HAIR WHEN WASHING NEXT, ALSO CAN CAUSE THE PHENOMENON THAT THE HAIR DROPS. When using a hair dryer, do not blow your hair too close to the roots to avoid causing certain damage to the roots.

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