Electric Drive Axle for Light-Duty EV Trucks: Power Meets Efficiency


The Electric Drive Axle is an innovative solution for light-duty EV trucks, offering a direct integration of the electric motor within the axle assembly. This design ensures optimal power output and superior efficiency, simplifying assembly and enhancing vehicle performance.


In the realm of electric vehicles, the drive system is paramount to overall performance. Enter the Rotontek Electric Drive Axle, a cutting-edge solution for light-duty EV trucks. Designed with precision, it is the confluence of power, efficiency, and top-tier engineering.

The Rotontek Electric Drive Axle is an integrated electric drive system specifically designed for light-duty electric trucks. Unlike traditional setups where the electric motor drives through a differential to the wheels, this product directly incorporates the electric motor within the axle assembly.


Feature Specification
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
Power Output 150 kW
Torque Output 500 Nm
Efficiency >95%
Weight 55 kg
Cooling System Liquid-cooled
Integrated Electronics Yes
Operational Voltage 400V-800V
Protection Class IP67

Electric Drive Axle for Light-Duty EV Trucks: Power Meets Efficiency


The Rotontek Electric Drive Axle has been designed with simplicity, ease of installation, and weight savings in mind:

  1. Compactness: Reducing the number of components and integrating them efficiently results in a more compact system.
  2. Direct Drive: By integrating the motor within the axle, mechanical losses are minimized, improving overall efficiency.
  3. Durability: Built with high-quality materials and sealed to an IP67 standard, the axle is resilient against both wear and external environmental factors.


  • High Efficiency: With over 95% efficiency, the drive axle ensures minimal energy wastage.
  • Simplified Assembly: With fewer parts and an integrated design, installation becomes straightforward and reduces manufacturing complexity.
  • Maintenance: Designed for longevity and minimal upkeep, this drive axle keeps maintenance costs and downtimes low.
  • Enhanced Performance: Direct drive leads to instant torque delivery, improving truck acceleration and overall driving dynamics.
  • Integrated Electronics: This feature ensures a seamless interface with the vehicle's central control unit, providing real-time diagnostics and performance feedback.


The Rotontek Electric Drive Axle is not just limited to light-duty EV trucks. Its versatile design means it can be adapted for:

  1. Light-Duty Electric Vans: For urban delivery services and last-mile solutions.
  2. Electric Mini-Buses: Ideal for shuttle services in cities and larger establishments like airports or resorts.
  3. Specialty Vehicles: Like mobile workshops or service vehicles that require on-the-spot mobility in urban landscapes.

In Summary

The Rotontek Electric Drive Axle stands as a testament to what's possible when efficiency meets power. By simplifying the traditional drive mechanism and focusing on direct integration, Rotontek is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the electric vehicle domain. From light-duty trucks to versatile urban vehicles, this product promises not just movement, but efficient and powerful movement.


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