2 thoughts on “Will Macau sell fake diamond rings? I bought a 60 diamond ring in Macau yesterday, but is it fake without a certificate?”

  1. The diamond ring should have a certificate. Regardless of the size, I went to Macau from the Golden Ri E to buy in Macau. I bought more than 5,000 points and 10 points in the Macau Wanjie Jewelry Store. I love to deceive, find the Macau Consumer Council, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shanghai

  2. There is a certificate that is not necessarily true, and it is not necessarily false without a certificate, because the certificate can be faked. As for where you buy things, it doesn’t matter. Some stars can buy fake luxury bags in French stores. It is not impossible to buy fake diamond rings in Macau. If you don’t worry, go to the jewelry processing store to check it. If it is fake, take the invoice to find him!

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