1. Salvador says:

    Gold can be divided into two types, namely foot gold and thousands of gold.
    This gold and thousands of gold represent the purity of gold.
    Gold (GOLD) is a single form of chemical element gold (chemical element symbol AU). It is a soft, golden, corrosive precious metal. Gold is one of the rare, precious and extremely valued metals.
    The international gold is generally based on ounces. In ancient China, "two" was used as a gold unit, and it was a very important metal. It is not only a special currency for reserves and investment, but also an important material for the jewelry, electronics, modern communications, aerospace and air industry and other departments.
    The chemical symbols of gold are AU, and the English code in finance is XAU or GOLD. The name of the AU comes from a story of Aurora, a goddess of dawn in Roman mythology, means shining dawn.
    This information
    Gold history:

    before the 19th century, the golden productivity level of human society was very low. Some people studied that in the history of thousands of years before the 19th century A total of less than 10,000 tons produced by humans, such as 200 tons of gold in the 18th century in the 18th century.
    Due to the discovery of a series of gold resources in the 19th century, the gold output has been greatly improved since then, especially in the 50 years in the second half of the 19th century, the gold output exceeded the previous 5,000 years before Total amount. In 2013, the total gold output around the world was about 2,770 tons.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold

  2. Bobby says:

    Hello, the gold is classified as AU9999 gold, thousands of gold, foot gold, 18K gold (gold 750, color gold), and new products 3D hard gold. AU9999 gold is the highest color among gold jewelry. 18K gold is 75%gold and 25%of the alloy of metal such as silver and copper tin. Gold is a high craft gold. It is made of thousands of gold jewelry manufactured by special crafts. The hardness is relatively high. If you pay more attention to retention and value, you can choose a thousand foot gold. If you pay attention to the style, you can buy it.

  3. Wade says:

    1. Thousands of gold
    The gold content is not less than 999. The marks on jewelry are "Thousands of Gold", "Gold 999", "G999", "AU999". Thousands of gold is the highest in the naming of jewelry.
    2. Foot gold
    The gold content is not less than 990. The marks on jewelry are "Foot Gold", "Gold 990", "G990", "AU990", thousands of foot gold and foot gold jewelry have high gold content and golden color, and have been loved by people since ancient times. At present, among China and Chinese people living more, thousands of gold and foot gold jewelry still account for a considerable proportion. On the one hand, it is also used as a decoration, and it is also used as a value preservation or evil spirits. The disadvantages of thousands of gold and foot gold jewelry are low hardness, easy to wear, and it is not easy to keep fine patterns. Due to the use of gold jewelry, the gold content of its accessories must not be less than 750%, and it must be explicitly stated to consumers.
    3. Gold alloy
    gold alloy (K gold) jewelry overcomes the shortcomings of poor hardness, single color, easy to wear, and unspoken patterns. The accurate gold content standard has formed a series of K gold jewelry.
    4. Color K gold
    except 750 ‰ of gold in 18K gold, the different ratio of other ingredients will make K gold show different colors. If the Chinese like yellow, the silver and copper in the formula are half; Europeans like to be red, so in the impurities of 250 ‰, copper accounts for more than 2/3 or all copper; the Americans like to be lighter yellow, then add people's silver, then people's silver There are more components. The development of science and technology can now be prepared into gold alloy of various colors.

  4. Rolando says:

    Gold according to the purity segmentation of sufficient gold, thousands of gold
    The difference between the two is
    enough gold. The amount of gold content is not less than 990. Thousands of gold, thousands of gold are more pure, and the purity reaches 99.99%; the purity of the foot gold is 99.95%, and the price of thousands of gold is more expensive. There are two types of gold, one is the one of the naked gold.

  5. Adrian says:

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