How big is the size 14 on the ring? Intersection Intersection Intersection

Most of the circular size 14 15? How much is the diameter? Or how much is the week long?

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  1. Number (port code) diameter (MM) perimeter (mm)
    6 14.0 45
    7 14.5 46
    8 15.1 47.5
    9 15.3 48
    10 16.5
    11 16.66.6 52
    12 16.9 53
    13 17.0 53.5
    14 17.7 55.5
    15 18.0 56.5
    16 18.2 57
    17 18.5
    19 18.8 59 n19 18.8 59
    20 19.4 61
    21 19.7 62
    22 20.2 63.5
    23 20.4 64
    24 21.0 66
    n The number of rings that girls admire are No. 10-15, of which 12 and 13 are more; most boys wear rings rings to No. 17-22, of which 18-20 are more

  2. The size of the ring is 14, the diameter is 17.1mm, the perimeter is 54mm
    . n Judging from the maintenance of the ring, avoid contact with acidic and alkaline chemicals when wearing a ring, such as cosmetics, washing products, and so on. When wearing a ring, be careful not to do some gravity, and do not do strenuous exercise to deform the ring. The strenuous exercise will have sweat stains, leaving stains on the ring.
    In aspects of the aesthetic perspective, we must pay attention to the modification of the hand shape, and you can choose the correct style to modify the shortcomings of the hand shape.
    It, pay attention to the uniform style of the clothes and other accessories when wearing a ring.

  3. First, what is the ring number?
    The ring number of the ring is more professional. The ring ring is based on the inner ring diameter of the ring and the length of the inner circle of the ring, and uses a specific number to distinguish the size of the ring.
    It a simple example. Different size of clothes will use S, M, L, and XL to use the size of the clothes, and the size of the ring is represented by the ring ring. Most of the Chinese ring size uses Hong Kong code, and the general ring ring is No. 7-24.
    . The corresponding table of the ring size of the ring
    The corresponding table of the ring number of the ring is the ring size comparison table, which indicates the inner ring length and inner ring corresponding to each ring number in the table. diameter.
    The Hong Kong version of the ring number corresponds to the table
    The expansion information:
    . Measurement method
    Then use this perimeter to calculate your ring yard.
    If silver and alloy raw materials are less than the density of K gold or platinum, so if you measure the ring of silver and alloy raw materials, then if you buy a K gold or a platinum ring, the best choice of the same number may be small. Never, don’t be greater than the size of the silver ring.
    The measurement of auxiliary things can also be used by self -measurement. For example, stripes may be rope, they are circled around their fingers, and the length of the rope may be the length of the rope after a lap, then this length is the length of the inner diameter of the ring.
    The accurate and fastest way is to measure your fingers with the same raw ring with the same raw materials. If the shopping guide lady provides you with alloy measuring ring circles, you will generally find that the measured ring number is still a bit bigger.
    Is to pay attention, when buying a ring, do not choose an over -tight ring because of the worrying ring drop. The ring is a long -time jewelry. If it is too tight, it will not be conducive to the blood circulation at the fingertips.
    may also squeeze the fingers to deform, affecting the beauty of the fingers. If you want to make the wedding ring bloom forever, it is also important for the later maintenance, so Xiaobian recommends that the new ring does not leave the fingers for 24 hours. When doing housework may be exempted from some corrosive objects, you should pick up the ring ring. Come down and regularly get the store for maintenance.

  4. The size of the ring on top of the ring 14 refers to the ring with the number 14 of the port code, and its inner ring diameter is 17.7mm and the perimeter is 55.5mm.
    15 refers to a ring with a diameter of 18.0mm and a perimeter of 56.5mm.
    Thenters and numbers are marked on the ring. The letter represents metal components (silver: S, gold: AU or K, platinum: PT, diamond: D). The number represents purity.
    For example: such as S925, S represents Silver, the meaning of silver, S925 is 925, 925 represents the purity of 92.5%.
    . If PT950, PT means platinum, 950 represents 950 ‰
    Extension information

    The measurement method of the ring size
    1. Wide paper strips around the ring ring ring ring. On the fingers
    2, there are pen marks on the intersection of the paper strip
    3, and the paper strip is flattened with a grid measurement data. According to the weekly check ring number

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