5 thoughts on “Excuse me, how about Kimberley’s diamond ring?”

  1. Hello, Jin Poly’s diamond ring is no different from all the diamond ring of all brands, because the diamonds belong to nature because of taking off the rings. It does not belong to any brand.
    When choosing a diamond ring, don’t pay too much attention to the brand, because we mainly choose the quality of the diamond ring. Is it right?
    For example, the diamond ring of CTF, because the brand’s added value is too high, the price of the product will naturally be more expensive than other brands. Our consumers also need the added value of the brand to pay.
    S selective cost -effective, what you like is good.
    Is my answer can help you. If you have any questions, you can Baidu Hi me.

  2. Kimberley is a garbage brand smashed by advertising fees. It belongs to the domestic three -current. This brand was originally from Henan. The boss was from Henan. Later, the people of the whole country were discussing Henan people, so they moved the company to Shanghai. company. The price is expensive, adding all the advertising costs to the customer’s head. This brand has no culture and no heritage.

  3. I think the cost -effectiveness is still quite good. Cutting work is very important. Kimberley’s cut is still okay. After all, the old brand is very good! hope this helps! The important thing is to buy what you like. Essence That will be satisfied!

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