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  1. 护理工具有挫条、水晶条、抛光条、死皮推、死皮剪、软化剂、指甲刀、底油、亮油、指甲油、指缘油水晶甲:水晶液、水晶笔、水晶杯、 If the paper and the drying agent is just a simple crystal armor, if the French crystal is needed, the white crystal powder and the patch

  2. 1. Nail -sized sticker advantages: have ready -made patterns, suitable for nails who are not skilled or lazy; they have little time to occupy; it is convenient for themselves to operate at home; the cost is low. Disadvantages: Not long -lasting, the sense of shape is not real enough;

    2. Full patch nail advantage: use crystal and resin as raw materials, make the shape on the nails first, and then stick it to the nails. It is convenient and fast, and it is easier to make three -dimensional shapes on nails, which is very suitable for people who are not good enough for nails themselves. Nail polish has less odor. Disadvantages: It is easier to fall off and not naturally. The cost is higher.

    3. French Crystal A Advantages: Maintaining the effect is longer, and it is natural. Let the nails look beautiful and clean. Disadvantages: If you want to draw flowers, customers will be “locked” on the stool for a long time, and the pungent taste during the production process is strong. The cost is higher.

    TIPS 1. It is best not to let the bristles be attached to the nail polish when the nail polish is too nail polish. It should be gently wiped at the mouth of the bottle and the bristles are adjusted smoothly. 2. When applying nail polish, apply a stroke forward from the middle of the nail roots, and then apply one stroke along both sides of the nails. In order to increase the durability of nail oil, you can also brush a layer first at the front end of the nails, and then rub the oil on the entire nail. 3. If you want to make the nail polish just finished, you can also immerse your fingertips into ice water in addition to using a hair dryer to speed up. 4. The best way to keep the beautiful effect after maintaining the armor is to put a layer of nursing nail polish “outerwear” for nails every other day. 5. To deal with ink stains and smoke stains, you can use small lemon rubbing. In severe cases, you have to use a small brush. 6. Make adjustment for nails. Because there is a layer of natural oil membrane that can prevent dehydration or cracking on the normal nails, this layer of oil film should be washed with nail washing water before supplementing nutrition for nails. Then wash your nails with warm water, apply almond oil or mixing a few drops of vitamin E oil on the nails for care. You can insert both hands into a plastic bag, wrap the transparent tape on the outside, and seal for about 15 minutes. 7. Pour the skin around your fingers with scrubs, but the fingers are softer and delicate. 8. If you want to have more slender nails, you can use the visual principle when you go to nail polish, leaving a slender gap on both sides of the nails.

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