How is powder paint made?

Powder coating is a kind of building material often used in the modern construction industry. It is generally composed of synthetic resins, fillers, pigments, curing agents and auxiliaries.

Powder coating, as a new type of environment-friendly coating, has the advantages of small environmental pollution, low consumption of resources and energy, low production cost and high production efficiency. It is also one of the most important products of powder coating powder manufacturer.

The production principle of powder coating is actually very simple. Solid materials such as synthetic resin, fillers, pigments, curing agents and additives are added to the mixer in a certain proportion and formula. The pre-mixing process should be operated in the absence of water or other solvents.


The material passed through the mixer is melted through the extruder at high temperature, mixed completely, and then enters the cooling press to cool and press into thin sections.

After the thin section enters the cyclone separator, the separated coarse powder is screened to get the finished powder coating, and the fine powder is recovered.

Since powder coating does not involve any chemical reaction in the production process, it is a pure physical process, so it is more environmentally friendly than other types of coating products.

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