How to choose the right type of hydraulic elevator, aerial work platform

With the acceleration of the pace of urban construction, the application frequency of elevator platforms will be higher and higher. It should be noted that when numerous units or enterprises use towable aerial lift, they do not know what kind of elevator to use on what occasions. Is the elevator platform we choose truly suitable for us?

c0f1d391e581326a81fc3fc2cf9cbc07First, the scope of use

Comprehensive consideration of where to use, how the environment, equipment needs how much lifting, size, lifting, rated load and other factors, choose the lifting platform suitable for their own work level requirements.

Second, the working environment

At present there are numerous different kinds of lifting equipment, can according to need to customize, as a result, there is the key to choose what kind of lifting equipment, compared with the indoor use, clean and tidy environment, need to fence, then can choose what kind of lift platform and guide rail lift platform, outdoor use of neat and no strict requirement, can dig a pit or defend net, choose a lot of people have dug a pit, Choose ordinary fixed scissor lifting platform will increase naturally.

Third, choose the brand

That's the most valuable thing! Whether the selected products have quality assurance, brand after-sales service, directly affect the use of products.

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