fame jewelry wholesale Only send Porsche 911 Turbo S Embraer official map Published

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  1. real orchid jewelry wholesale A few days ago, Porsche released a 911Turbos model jointly cooperated with Brazil Aviation Industry Corporation, 911Turbosembraer. This model will be limited to 10 units and is "non -selling". It is reported that the car will be accompanied by Phenom300E of a Brazilian aviation industry. The price of private jets is about $ 9.5 million before the configuration (equivalent to RMB 62.414 million) Essence
    The appearance, this version is very similar to the ordinary version. Porsche's iconic "frog eyes" round lamp. The lights are designed with four daytime driving lights around the headlights, which is quite imposing. At the same time, there are three sets of grille design at the bottom of the front of the car, equipped with radar, grille and air dynamic kit underneath all use matte black treatment. Striped, echoing the plane paint.
    The side of the car, the overall shape continues the Porsche family design concept, but it is slightly different from the ordinary models in some details, including silver window frame trim "Y" -shaped wheels, at the same time, the bottom of the body also adopts the design of matte black and blue and white two -color stripes, imitating the aircraft painting. The wheels are treated with silver and supplemented by blue stripes to make the visual effect on the side of the car more coordinated.
    The biggest feature of the rear of the car is the blue painting below the motion can be used. The white "N911EJ" is printed in the middle, which is very recognizable. In addition, the penetrating taillights below are very technological, making the rear sense stronger. In addition, the bottom of the rear of the car also uses matte black aircraft painting design. The air outlets on both sides are diversion. Make the bottom of the car with a strong sense of power.
    The interior part, in order to match the appearance of the appearance, the leather wrap in the car also uses a combination of black and white, and at the same time with blue stitching to make the interior more personalized. The huge screen of the central control and the black virtual control panel below all reflect a rich sense of technology, and the design of the instrument panel is also very novel. The central government retains the mechanical speed meter. neutralize. In addition, the headrest above the seat is also printed with the identification of the airline, which enhances the recognition of the model. In addition, Porsche will also give away three custom -made luggage produced by Porschedesign and a 1919UTC watch.
    In in terms of power, the 911Turbosembraer is still equipped with a 3.8L twin-turbo level horizontal six-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 650 horsepower, a peak torque of 800 N · m, 0-100km/h acceleration time is 2.7 seconds, 0-200km 0-200KM The acceleration time of/h is 8.9 seconds and the speed is 330km/h.
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