Semi - trailer reversing method and skills semi - trailer reversing should pay attention to what

For the current contact semi truck friends, reversing is the most difficult to learn technology, because reversing semi truck and traction head driving direction is opposite, and the trailer is typically extremely tall, difficult to estimate the distance and angle, so it is difficult to learn the correct reversing method. If necessary, you can also use some reversing skills. Semi-trailer reversing, but also pay attention to the best having a person get off command, reversing to gradual, calm, do not rush to success. Let's learn the method, skills and matters needing attention of semi trailer reversing together with Custom semi trailer manufacturers.

A semi - trailer reversing method and skills

As a kind of cargo transport vehicle, the semi-trailer is large and difficult to drive, especially when the semi-trailer backs up. It is extremely difficult, so how to backup the semi-trailer?

1. Semi-trailer reversing method

(1) The semi-trailer is reversing parallel to the right

The direction toward the left first, then slowly astern, when a third trailer car left in the left rear view mirror, parking, kills the direction toward the right, back slowly, such as trailer and car in a straight line, the direction is back, pour a bit a bit, and then to the right direction, then to the left back, side down the side to adjust a few times.

8061d8fb0a1688218e175e1bf7eef89e(2) The semi-trailer backs up straight

First of all, the whole car straightened, reversing to see the left and right rearview mirror, semi-trailer reversing, steering wheel direction and the rear of the car to the opposite. If the rear of the car appears in the left rear view mirror, that the car left, should be left to play the direction, so the trailer will turn to the right; ​if the rear of the car appears in the right wing mirror, it is to the right, the right direction, the rear of the car to the left, the direction is not too large, reverse speed to slow, so that there can be time and distance to adjust.

2, semi-trailer reversing skills

(1) Before reversing, adjust the front and body, try to keep the front and trailer straight, or the front tilted to the side of the target parking space, and master the position and direction of the vehicle when reversing, and watch the rearview mirror.

(2) if it is to reverse left, to turn the steering wheel clockwise; ​turn the steering wheel counterclockwise as you go to the right. Be careful not to shoot the direction, the semi is also reversing while correcting. If a can't turn over to the premise of a car, and then back down.

(3) If the parking space is on the right, the steering wheel should be turned to the left when backing up, and see the space between the right rear wheel and the road opening. When you see the right rear wheel of the trailer entering the parking space, you should speed up the direction and straighten the body as soon as possible, while paying attention to the left wheel of the trailer. Wait until the back of the car is nearly straight, quickly back the wheel, so that the car and the front of the car can be straight, if not, readjust it.

(4) When driving a semi-trailer, whether you go forward or backward, you should see the surrounding situation distinctly, and keep a positive attitude. At anytime, you should be calm and calm, and a few more will come when you can't backup.

Two, semi trailer reversing should pay attention to what

1, semi-trailer reversing, try to avoid a person reversing, it is best to find a person to get off the command, pay attention to the trend of reversing at anytime, so that it is easier to reverse; ​only one person should pay attention to observing the surrounding environment, ensure that there are no obstacles around and people in the vicinity of the back, to prevent accidents.

2, when reversing the speed will slow down, do not rush.

3, the state of mind is flat, keep a calm and calm state of mind, do not suddenly kill the steering wheel, should slowly play the steering wheel.

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