Will you make money if you do small jewelry business?

I have been in Beijing for more than three months, and I haven't found a suitable job. I want to do a small jewelry shop. Is it easy to do? How to do it? Thank you

3 thoughts on “Will you make money if you do small jewelry business?”

  1. Franchise stores are deceived!
    The place to choose a place for no matter what stores are opened
    The is targeted
    The characteristics
    others will come to
    but there are too many jewelry stores now
    If finding a better booth, the rent is too high
    It bad places and no one can make money.
    I I am It is recommended that you open a store in a place with a lot of people (preferably a lot of young people). The decoration must be fashionable and avant -garde, attracting the attention of others.
    It if you buy it, go to the sky or God. I used to buy it there before. Don't press too much goods at first. Every time you need one. There are many tricks and not repeated. Just do it slowly.
    can also be paired with some decorations such as selling small bags, silk scarves, toys, etc. single. Single alone. There is no competitiveness.
    I wish you success!

  2. If you do n’t know much about it, do n’t join any store, be careful. Is there a few examples? Small jewelry shops can also make money, as long as you can stick to it, the small business is sincerely waiting for guests.

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