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  1. Gold preservation.
    gold has always been a symbol of wealth. Since ancient times, it has been a currency circulation, and its value preservation function is well known. Even internationally internationally, gold investment is a way of financial management, and various countries have always regarded gold storage as a solution to the financial crisis. However, internationally, the recognition rate of platinum is relatively low. Platinum has high melting points and hardness. Therefore, pure melting platinum is more difficult than gold. Not only is energy consumption, but there will be many uncertain factors.
    In order to avoid recovering jewelry such as platinum necklaces containing impurities, many gold jewelry shops will refuse to recover platinum, which makes it difficult to monetize platinum. Therefore, if customers want to monetize platinum jewelry, they must sell at a low price at a low price or recycle at the purchase point, which also leads to the poor preservation of platinum.
    The preservation method of gold
    1. Sealing
    It gold is recommended to seal it when stored to avoid oxidation of gold and air. It is recommended to pack the gold separately when stored in gold, and then place the gold in the jewelry box to prevent gold from friction, scratches, and even discoloration.
    2. Cleaning and saving
    The gold is not worn. It is recommended to clean the gold carefully before storage. You can use the dehydrated cotton ball to dip the mild soapy water or scrub the gold without water alcohol, and put the gold surface on the surface. Wash the dirt and store it.
    3. Avoid collision
    When gold is stored, it must be stored separately, so as not to cause wear and even scratches on gold. The hardness of gold is relatively hard. If it is friction with other hard items, it will affect the quality of gold, which will reduce the value of gold.

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