1. Kendra says:

    gold shops will recycle gold. You can choose "professional gold recycling companies or individuals, pawnshops, gold and silver processing centers Some gold stores. "

    1. The price of gold recovery is usually based on the gold content (the recycler will conduct damage inspection and fire inspection) And according to the current gold base price

    2. A large amount of money is usually transferred through bank, which is safe and real-time. Sometimes small and medium-sized loans are also paid directly in cash. When consumers recover gold, they usually need to provide bills. If it is a gold bar product, they also need to show the corresponding product certificate

    3. Gold recovery price: general merchants' calculation method: gold jewelry recovery price = gram weight * purity * (international gold price - depreciation fee) - handling fee, while the depreciation fee of general brand merchants or gold recovery stores is as high as 30 yuan per gram

    4. The gold recovery price varies from day to day according to the fluctuation of the gold price. When you want to recover your gold jewelry, you must pay attention to the price on that day. In addition, it is also important to choose a reliable recovery agency


    1. Generally speaking, it is very common to steal customers' gold under the guise of gold recovery. Consumers should pay attention to discrimination. Xiaobian reminds everyone that the gold recovery is higher than the market average price and beware of sleaze

    2. Recovering gold at a high price, but fiddling with the weight and gold content of jewelry. For example, the weighing tools used by some businesses have not been identified according to the provisions of the metrology law; In violation of the provisions of the metrology law, some businesses use visual estimation or their own instruments to determine the gold content, which is very inaccurate

    3. Steal money while testing fire. When recovering gold ornaments, it is generally necessary to test the gold, and the popular practice is to burn them with fire. However, some jewelry stores add special materials to the fuel of the fire, and as soon as the fire burns gold, it can get some gold powder. When the gold powder is found, the shop will reject the goods under various excuses, such as deliberately lowering the price or rejecting them because there are too many solder joints

    4. Steal gold by cleaning sweat and stains. In general, these gold recycling stores first quote a price higher than the market price to attract sellers to bring the gold ornaments, and then find an excuse to wash the gold ornaments if there are sweat stains and black spots. "It's OK to wash away two or three grams in one wash."

  2. Freda says:

    To tell you the truth, small self-employed recycling shops are unreliable, and it is only reliable to find a company specializing in precious metals. I used to sell them to a company called Quanjin gold. I felt that I was quite honest, didn't deduct fees, and could get as much as I reported.
    at the beginning, I had to sell 2 kilograms of gold dowry because of capital turnover, and I didn't know the price of gold. I almost asked all the gold recycling companies in the city, and took out 100 grams, and one sold a little, Most of them falsely quote high prices to attract customers. They go to deduct fees indiscriminately, deduct losses and depreciation, and so on. After 320 / g discount, there are only more than 240 grams left

    in the past, I thought that the gold recycling price was similar to those sold in brand stores. Later, I learned that the brand stores did not have gold at all. They only earned processing fees by processing and selling gold. One gram was more than 60-100 times higher than the market price
    the following is the necessary knowledge of gold recycling. I hope it can help you

    Gold recycling is different from general item recycling. It forms a unique recycling system whether it is weight weighing, quality determination or price determination. Because gold is reused after recovery, it is also said that gold recovery is regardless of brand, and the main price factor for recovery is determined by the gold content and the international basic transaction price.

    when you open Baidu's "gold recovery", almost all of the vast area is advertising, which makes people dizzy and confused. People may be like this. They will not understand it without experience. Many customers are fooled by false high prices, It was not until the second time that we sold these enterprises with honest quotations! Don't trust those small recycling stores, but trust large precious metal companies

    in view of the current social atmosphere, people will not trust each other very much, let alone have interests, which makes people more cautious

    in order to gain profits, many businesses have taken the road of attracting customers by falsely quoting high prices in violation of morality. After meeting, they try every means to pit customers, and the actual price they get is far lower than those of us enterprises that quote in good faith, which makes many customers in need unable to get the most authentic service. It also makes those businesses that really serve the society and customers not get the most reasonable profits

    gold price has international gold price and international measurement lever. It is not set by a country, let alone a brand. Therefore, the gold price of the day is uniform in all parts of the world. The difference is the difference in the added value, brand premium and labor cost of each brand when buying

    this is a common deception! I'll die if I don't look! I've been deceived

    1. Baliang scale: if you have 10 grams of gold jewelry, you will get 8 grams when you get there. It's a black heart scale! This is a hoax

    2. Wear: your jewelry belt has been worn for too long, so it will lose 2G! This is a hoax

    3. Deduct impurities: if your jewelry has purity problems and there are other metals, you should deduct 20 yuan per gram! This is a hoax

    4. Handling fee: your jewelry has no invoice, so it's very troublesome to collect it. You have to charge 200 yuan! This is a hoax

    5. Aqua regia stealing gold: is there an invoice? If you know the weight, you won't be cheated? Wrong, wrong, wrong! Wang Shui steals gold, 80% of recycling stores are doing it

    the gold price includes: the price of gold raw materials (equivalent to the international gold price) packaging fee processing fee gold shop profit (including rent, labor, brand, taxes and other expenses). These expenses cannot be recovered when recovered

    the recovery price recovers only the value of gold itself, that is, the raw material price, which can also be called the international gold price. The international gold price changes every day, so the recovery price of gold also changes with the fluctuation of the international gold price!

  3. Spencer says:

    At present, there are mainly four gold recovery channels in the market: 1. Banks, but banks often only recover their own brand gold bars, and more often invest in gold bar business; 2. Pawnbrokers, pawnbrokers operate a wide range of businesses and are not specialized in gold recovery, so the recovery price may not be very high; 3. Brand gold stores also only recycle their own gold jewelry, and more only support the exchange of gold jewelry for new without recycling gold; 4. An organization specialized in recycling gold. This kind of gold recycling organization is more professional and recycles all kinds of gold bars and ornaments.

  4. Raymond says:

    Sell it in the online second-hand market, not to recyclers

  5. Edna says:

    High price recycled gold jewelry, famous watches, famous bags, old wine, diamond rings, luxury goods!!

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