1 thought on “Where can I have aquariums in Pingshan, Longgang District, Shenzhen? Where is the ornamental fish, feed, etc., where is it?”

  1. There are many places, I also have fish farming myself. I live in Pingshanzhu Yangkeng
    It if I want to buy fish, I usually go to Pingshan Town Government to buy it. It is next to the Government of Pingshan Town. On the first floor of the old market, there is a vegetable market for selling vegetables and selling fruits. There is no need to enter the vegetable market. There is a aquarium on the left hand side on the first floor ..
    If you do n’t know, ask others. The relatively large
    and there are also fish selling fish near the Central Primary School. The fish I raised in these places
    There are also fish selling fish near Pingshan Wanfeng City ...

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