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  1. Maria says:

    In the wedding custom, the three gold refers to the three gold jewelry, which is a gift from the man to the woman; the two diamonds are diamond rings, that is, a ring that the man uses to propose to the woman. The three gold and two diamonds reflect the sincerity of the man's family to marry the woman.
    It from the old marriage customs, the convenience of men should prepare gold jewelry for the woman to express their importance and love for the woman. On the day of marriage, the bride will wear it on her body and it looks noble, which also reflects the generosity of the man's family. The diamond ring has been popular in recent years. Generally, the man wears it for the woman at the engagement ceremony. It is a token of a marriage contract for both men and women.
    Which three gold is the three gold marriages?
    The marriage of three gold is a gold ring, a gold necklace, and a gold earrings (or a gold bracelet).
    1, gold ring
    The gold ring represents the ring for love, and only loves the other person for a lifetime. Ring is not only a token of love, but also a symbol of marriage.
    2, gold necklace
    The gold necklace represents the man's hope that you are the only person in your heart. The wearing part of the necklace is very close to the heart, and the necklace will have a locking movement, which means that others can't take you away, and want to accompany you -life -the world.
    3, gold earrings/gold bracelets
    In addition to gold rings and gold necklaces in three gold, one can also be selected for gold earrings or gold bracelets.
    The earrings are jewelry worn on the left and right sides of the earlobe. It is close to the heart and represents the heart of willingness to listen to my lover for a lifetime.
    Gold bracelets can be passed on to daughter or daughter -in -law, inheriting the feelings of Chinese families. Gold bracelet is a classic in wedding jewelry, becoming an indispensable part of Chinese weddings.

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