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  1. Factory direct selling new 3D hard silver zodiac chicken auspicious chicken road traffic beads DIY editing rope jewelry accessories
    processing process: electroplating | Type: accessory | Item number: SX-125 | Pure n Related products: DIY accessories Silver accessories new accessories
    41 pieces of transactions
    Suzhou Hanguang Culture Development Co., Ltd.
    n The 2nd year |

    Y Bin 10mm micro -pavilion DIY beads Diyo -plating real gold transport beads DIY accessories
    Product number: 2955 | Type: Sanzhu | Material: Copper | Treatment process: Electroplating | Product shape: Round
    Related product: DIY accessories micro -inlaid accessories
    The transaction 2
    1 evaluation
    Bin Decoration Co., Ltd.
    In Guangzhou, Guangdong

    The 8th year |

    glass bead transparent glass bead reflector glass beads color glass beads Number: 321 | Type: Sanzhu | Material: glass/glazed | Treatment process: Plating | Product shape: ballpoint
    related products: color glass beads transparent glass beads, glass beads
    80.00 r
    transactions 0 boxes
    Lingshou County Leibo Mineral Product Sales Co., Ltd.
    Lingshou County, Hebei

    The first year |
    8mm vortex surface water Pearl Craft Sanzhu DIY Material Acrylic Beads Handmade Beads wholesale
    Colors: Random Mixing Color | Processing Craft Crafts: injection molding | Category: Sanzhu | Item Number: Material: Acrylic
    Related Products: Acrylic Bead Bad DIY Pearl
    32 kg of transaction
    13 evaluation
    Hiwu Piey E -Commerce Business Bank
    Green Nankong Nantong Sanzhu Agate Ball Bead Bidth Bad Bidding Necklace Buddha Star Bodhisattva DIY accessory package
    Type: Sanzhu | Material: Agate | Origin: Origin: Other | Brand: Green: Green Nong
    Related products: Bodhi Wheeling Moon Accessories Bodhi Bodhisattva
    Separted 0 pieces
    Beijing Huaxia Kebo Trading Co., Ltd.
    n n
    The fourth year |

    Diy jewelry accessories Children's beaded color environmentally friendly paint spring cartoon cathead wood beads loose beads
    Product number: 02838 | Type: Material: wood | Treatment process : Spray paint | Product shape: round
    related products: DIY jewelry accessories DIY beaded children's beads
    60 evaluation
    Zhang Endong, Jindong District, Jinhua City Electricity Zi Commercial Business Bank
    Zhejiang Yiwu City

    The 4th year |

    n Category: Sanzhu | Material: Quartz Rock | Processing Craft Crafts: Following and Polishing | Products: Figure | Place of Figure: Guangdong Sihui
    Related Products: Yunnan Jewelry Yunnan Jade Colorful Jade
    33,000 transactions
    12 evaluation
    Shenzhen Tongbao Trading Co., Ltd.
    Guangdong Sihui City

    nStock silver foil glazed beads DIY handmade accessories glazed beads 10mm12mm optional
    color: red yellow, red fruit green, lake blue green, | processing technology: handmade | Item Number: Z2017001 | Material: Glass/glazed
    Related products: DIY bead handmade beads two -color beads
    340 pieces
    Itfin County Yilin Tongzhun Glass Glass Jewelry Factory
    Funing County, Jiangsu

    The second year |

    Product number: 200 | Type: Sanzhu | Material: Resin | Treatment process: Machine polishing | Product shape: geometric round
    related product: Plastic balls of plastic beads, loose beads

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